Wednesday, 10 May 2017

24 hours in Paris

When your pal tells you that you're invited on a whirlwind trip to Paris on a Thursday evening, you don't say no. Especially when the alternative is eating a frozen pizza in your knickers while watching RuPaul's Drag Race.

So when Jodes sent me a message to say that Alcatel were whisking us off for 24 hours in the city of lurve to celebrate the launch of their snazzy new A5 LED handset, I chucked some stuff in a bag (stuff that didn't include shoes, but more on that later), and set off to meet her and the rest of the Alcaltel gang at the Eurostar terminal.

At least, that was before I got half way down the road and realised I hadn't picked up my passport. Good one.

The trip itself was an absolute treat, and looking back on it now, a total blur of REALLY great food (steak and chips at L'Alcazar, omnomnom), classic Eiffel Tower photoshoots, a coach tour of the sights and a pretty swanky party held on the Champs-Elysees. Yep, literally ON the Champs-Elysees. Who do I think I am?

Along with the rest of the girls (Jodie, Naomi, Gemma, Aisling and Jess - all mega babes who you should probably follow immediately), I spent the night drinking delicious fruity things in lightbulb shaped glasses, hogging the photobooth and scoffing so many mini desserts that they definitely added up to about five normal sized desserts.

A lot of the night was also spent marvelling at the crazy cool new Alcaltel handset. It's covered in LED lights on the back cover, and lights up like a disco in your hand in time to the music that you're listening to. There's even an app that colour co-ordinates the lights to the exact shade of your outfit. Honestly, everyone I've shown this phone to has literally marvelled at it.

Anyway, along with some help from my personal photographer Jodes, I got some pretty cute snaps from my 24 hours in Paris. Here's a mini visual diary of everything we got up to.

THANKS ALCALTEL, love you. Especially Nicole, who saved my bacon when I realised I hadn't packed any heels and was faced with the prospect of wearing trainers and a dress to a very swanky party. Classic me.

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  1. Oh my god the way you write has me in hysterics! I love it! This looked like such a fun trip and you're such a lucky lady! Very jealous you got to visit Paris :')
    Ellis x //

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