Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Who run the world? Internet girls

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. I mean to sit down and write this post much earlier than 9 o'clock at night, but I honestly haven't stopped today with writing deadlines, pushing myself and finishing YouTube work. But, I guess if there's any day for your self-employment freelance work girl boss vibes to get in the way of blogging, it's International Womens Day.

My entire timeline today has been constantly flooded with females that I follow sharing the girl power. It's still going strong 12 hours later, and I'd say that's a pretty good sign that I've chosen to surround myself with and become part of a community that is strong, powerful, bright and endlessly supportive. Kind of a good feeling tbh.

It's been pretty touching to see that even I've been included in a few people's #SheInspiresMe tweets (little ol' me, imagine that), and I am MORE than ready to return the favour to keep the love turnin'. Today and every single day, we rise by lifting others.

Get ready for one big roller coaster road of girl love, because this is me bigging up some of my ultimate favourite female human beings on the internet. 'Cos if there's anything I love talking about, it's internet girl bosses.

Sarah Rose / Sarah Rose Goes

My one surviving friend from university, my housemate, my matching dancing twin emoji in human form. She's the perfect combination of gorgeous, super sweet, compassionate dreamer, and raging, eye-rolling sass monster who never fails to make me laugh, bring me up or calm me down. Not only do I find her amazing for the pure fact that she looks incredibly chic and sophisticated every single day, but her endless determination and pure ambition never fails to inspire me. I can't wait to see everything that she achieves in her bright, beautiful future, and I hope I can be right alongside her for the journey. She's a damn great fashion stylist too, so make sure you go and follow her.

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Corrie / Dizzy Brunette

Corrie was one of the first bloggers I ever found myself avidly following, and the fact that I can actually call her a friend these days is just all kinds of awesome and a testament to this crazy cool community. So often girls and women fail to realise just how talented, creative and trailblazing they really are (usually because it just comes naturally to them), and my babe Corrie is a prime example of this. She's forever doing herself down, so I'm just gonna take this moment to say HER BLOG IS BEAUTIFUL. Her photography is outstanding. Her ideas are great, she's unwaveringly supportive and her personality shines through in all of her videos. She's eye-poppingly, Victoria's Secret level beautiful with an equally beautiful heart, and is a total gem.

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Dodie Clark / Doddleoddle

Dodie's one of only two girls on this list who I've never met or even spoken to, but I couldn't make this list without giving her a quick shout out. No matter what kind of content women choose to put out into the blogging/vlogging world (providing it's positive or productive in some way) I'm all for it; they've had the guts and the motivation to create and produce something and expose it to the world, that's awesome. But Dodie is a cut above the rest. She's super intelligent, talented, inspiring, heartwarming and her whole vibe is just weirdly beautiful. She's exactly the 'awkward, alternative and creative but owning it' kind of girl who I needed to be watching on the internet when I was a teenager to understand myself more, and it fills my soul with joy to think that teenagers have role models like her now.

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Fabulous Hannah

Hannah BLOWS. MY. TINY. MIND. I'm almost ten years older than her (gross), but I still look up to her and admire her endlessly. If I could turn the clock back to being 18, I'd want to be exactly like Hannah because she's just wonderful, comforting to watch and beautiful both inside and out. The girl is naturally hilarious, so kind, quietly confident, witty, sarcastic and brilliant - she already has her head screwed on at a relatively young age which will see her so far in life, but she also doesn't take herself too seriously, and that's equally important. Her quick and wicked sense of humour kills me in every single video, and I love that she's clearly just unapologetically herself no matter what. I hope to get to know her much better this year.

Gabbie Lindley / Velvetgh0st

Gabbie and I have talked for actual years online, but having finally been able to spend some time IRL with her over the past couple of months, I can't tell you how much I enjoy being around her. I knew we'd get on well, but had no idea just much we'd naturally click and how quickly she'd become a genuine friend to me. Not only is she outrageously beautiful, hilarious and equally as weird as me (in a good way), but she also endlessly inspires me to push myself and own my talents. In such a short space of time, she's managed to totally turn her life around and transform her passions into a career, becoming a total girl boss who exudes endless sass, honesty and bravery while maintaining a genuine, vulnerable soft side that so many girls love her for. I'm so excited to watch her grow and achieve new heights with truly amazing things on the horizon.

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Grace Victory / Gracie Francesca

Well duh, you can't have a list of inspiring internet women without Grace. I'm a girl who's always battled self confidence, weight problems and body image issues, so Grace and her promotion of unquestionable self love is everything I need the internet to be about. The best thing is, I know I speak on behalf of SO many people fighting the same battles as me - she must be a comfort to thousands of girls. Her attitude is refreshingly brave and genuine, and she somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between endearingly vulnerable and open, yet unbelievably strong and taking zero shit. If the Grace of today had been in the public eye back in around 2006, I think I'd have grown up with so much more self-love just intrinsically built into my mind. It's such a reassuring, wonderful thought to contemplate how many girls she'll be helping to build this into now. She makes me want to do better and do more.

Bianca / It's Binky Bee

When I grow up, I want to be more like Bianca. If there was a way to extract elements of other peoples' personalities and add them to your own, she'd be my first stop, because I admire everything about her. I only wish I could be as headstrong, confident, savvy and just generally inspiring as Bee. The first five minutes of being in her company is being hit like a really, really cute whirlwind, and whenever I spend time with her I leave feeling like I can do anything, which is the sign of an awesome woman. Her smile is infectious, her attitude is beyond awesome, she's genuinely kind and I get the feeling that, although she's a self-made girl boss, she'd still put her friends before anything and everything, which I love. She's going to go so, so far - watch out for Binky Bee.

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Jodie / Just Jodes

In a short space of time, this girl has become someone I'd consider a best friend, and now it feels weird to go a day without talking to her. The girl loves a quote, but what she doesn't realise is that she's the human embodiment of every positive, uplifting, motivational postcard that's on her wall. In a selfish way, she's become my own personal ray of sunshine. I don't know how she does it because I know she has her own fair share of struggles, but her way of looking at the world is always instantly elevating, and half an hour in her company makes me feel like I can take on anything. I admire the way that she puts her mind to something and makes it happen with sheer hard work, dedication and determination. She's endlessly kind with a selfless heart of pure, unquestioning gold. Plus, she's damn hilarious and SO GORGEOUS. Got a lot of time for this girl.

Vix Meldrew 

The blogging scence is full of women with undiscovered talent that deserves the world of recognition and more, but maybe no one more so than Vix. Her razorblade-sharp sense of humour and ability to see the funny side of every possible situation is hugely valuable on its own, but paired with her natural talent of writing relatable, genuine brilliant posts is sheer gold dust. Even if I'm having the worst day in the world, her latest take on dating, sex and relationships is guaranteed to put an instant smile on my face, because she just GETS it. She gets the awkward, everyday girl thing which is so often forgotten about by bloggers, and it's comforting, for which I'm very grateful. The girl deserves a book - maybe ten books, plus her own TV show and some kind of shiny gold medal while we're at it.

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Zoella / I'd link her blog but literally wtf if you don't know who she is then I can't help you mate.

Oh come on, you can't do a round up of strong internet females without chucking Zoe in the mix somewhere. She's set the precident for all of us as being an unwaveringly focused, bright businesswoman who knows what she's doing, and has in doing so opened up a HUGE industry for the rest of us to grab a piece of the pie. Somehow, through all the madness, she's managed to remain really bloody likeable, funny and glowingly kind. And let's give a particularly loud shout out to the fact that she's pretty much single handedly opened up a popular love of reading for SO many young girls. A huge part of feminism is girls having the chance to read, learn, grow, better themselves - and books and a passion for reading are fundamental to that. Zoe has encouraged girls to own the idea of being a bookworm as a cool thing to be proud of, and that's not easy. SHE'S JUST COOL OKAY.

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