Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Ahhh a new month. Nothing like the 1st to make you feel positive, strong, determined and productive for all of about three hours and eight minutes.

Then you remember that actually, you’re exactly the same person that you were when you wear eating cereal out of the box for tea while watching someone use baby food as makeup in a YouTube video at 2am last night, and that miracles ain’t gonna happen.

But currently, I am in that former, very small time frame window and that means a blog post about everything I’m going to achieve over the next 31 days is coming your way. January and February were both incredibly difficult months for me, for reasons which I’ll probably talk a little bit about in a video at some point.

But as a result, I am actually vaguely determined (vaguely determined is an oxymoron that pretty much sums me up) to make sure that March involves at least SOME small successes.

If nothing else, at least it’ll start getting a tiny bit lighter in the evenings now, which means that we’re one step closer to day drinking in a park with no tights on. HOORAH.

1. Write a blog post every day.

Is this ridiculous, unlikely and almost unachievable? Probably. There’s nothing like setting yourself up for a failure, but on the other hand it’s about time I did push myself a little bit more than I have been doing. Some will be long and heartfelt, some will be short and revolving around my favourite eyebrow product of the moment, but there will be one every day. Promise (although this might be a promise with my fingers crossed behind my back).

2. Instagram every day.

Yep, there’s already a theme with these goals, but this is probably the smallest one of the bunch. SURELY I can manage this - I can literally do it from my bed ffs. It would help if I can find the time to dedicate a couple of hours to creating a backlog of Instagram photos that I can turn to whenever I’m stuck but that would require a whole new level of organisation. I would really like to grow my Instagram following though - it’s pretty small compared to my Twitter and YouTube, but we all know how tricky it is to master that goddayumn algorithim. *shakes first*. I’ve even bought some marble background paper though, so LET’S DO THIS. Follow me at @lucyjanewood if you fancy.

3. Get back into making Weekly Vlogs.

I was ready to write these off because I’d assumed they were a personal indulgence, but a quick Twitter poll revealed that actually, people who watch my videos are quite keen on watching my mundane day to day antics. Cool. This is a task that I’m going to master this afternoon, by just clicking on the vlogging camera and having a very casual catch up to explain where I’ve been for a few weeks. I do really love the idea of having a log of what I’ve been up to that I can look back on one day when I’m old and withered, so I know that it’s worth keeping these up.

4. Lose my camera fear.

Fun fact for you now, pals. I haven’t filmed a video in over a month. I might have uploaded a video about my experience trying out a Mooncup, but that was actually filmed way back before Christmas, hence why I look so skinny and chilled about life. If only you knew, pre-Christmas Lucy. IF ONLY YOU KNEW. Anyway, since I’ve neglected the record button for so long, it’s now been built up in my mind as this HUGE thing, and I’m quite frankly dreading sitting down in front of the camera again. I really need to get this sorted, bite the bullet and get the eff over it. I’m filming with my pal Jodes tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll sort me out.

5. Journaling.

That’s right. I’ve succumbed to the living Buzzfeed hype that is a bullet journal. I’m planning on blogging and vlogging about this in more detail, but it’s something that I’ve liked the look of for ages, and March is the month that I get it started. I’m hoping it magically turns me into an organised person her shit together, but we’ll see. I’m also treating it as a mindfulness exercise because it’s also become a bit of an art project. Taking some time out every few days to handwrite and hand draw probably isn’t a bad idea, especially considering my next goal…

6. Stress less.

As I mentioned before, it’s been a tricky few weeks for one reason or another and, at times, the ups and downs have seemed relentless. My health, my family, my friends and my finances have all been sources of major stress, and it’s taken it’s toll on me. I’ve just been to a blood pressure check for my contraceptive pill, and almost wasn’t allowed it for the first time EVER (I’ve been on it for like, ten years) because my blood pressure is high. That’s never been a thing for me before. This month I’m hoping that things will level out a little bit, and I can take some time to look after myself before I have some form of coronary explosion and end up rocking back and forth in a home for nervous breakdown sufferers, knitting my days away.

So that’s that. Can we actually do all of this in 31 days? Eh, probably not but we’ll have a go. What are your goals for this month? Let me know with a tweet to @lucyjanewood, or chuck a comment down below.

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