Wednesday, 14 December 2016


So far this year I'm feeling about as Christmassy as an old sock that's fallen down the back of the bed and become home to a tiny ancient spider. There's been a lot of extremely un-festive worry and stress on my mind, meaning that Santa has remained firmly in a soggy cardboard box in the loft along with all of the decorations.

But after a text from my mum this week admitting that she had zero idea of anything to get for me, I figured it was about time to pull my elf socks up and get a handle on my Ho Ho Ho. Or something.

Here's what I'm asking for this year - and yep, I will be whipping out a printed version of this list and checking it twice on Christmas Day to make sure I receive EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm being sarcastic. Obviously.

This is designed to serve as a bonus gift guide more than anything, for anyone out there who is as intrinsically crap at buying presents for people as I am. Fingers crossed you find something cute on here. Happy Crimbo pals.

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