Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Whenever I watch the ol' Whats In My Bag videos on YouTube, they always leave me feeling like a) I need to buy every single thing I've just watched, b) I have a serious hoarder problem and c) scruffy af. That's because my own handbag is genuinely filled with so much rubbish that some days I actually struggle to close it. Sigh.

I thought I'd reveal once and for all what's REALLY in my bag. Yep, there's the usual array of lip products, a purse, an Oyster card - all of the normal stuff. But there's also a whole heap of bits and bobs which I genuinely have no idea how they made it in there. Ahhh, love a mystery, me.

Shout out to anyone with more than ten food receipts in their purse at all times. Same.

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