Sunday, 20 November 2016

12 Nude Palettes I've Got My Eye On

To the untrained eye that happened to have a peek inside my makeup drawers, it'd probably look as though I already have enough eyeshadow palettes - particularly focused on the nude shade of life - to keep the Kardashians in business for the next millennium or so. But, as anyone who's into blogging and YouTube will know all too well, you can literally never have enough eyehadow palettes. Ever.

My go to fave has always been the Naked 2 palette - mainly for the stunning shade that is Chopper - and more recently the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye selection has earned a very special place in my heart. But seeing as it's getting close to Christmas now, my gaze has started to wander towards treating myself (or asking Santa, 'cos I'm skint) for a brand new, oh so dreamy option.

Here's 12 verging-on-perfect palettes which I've got my fingers, ears and toes crossed for finding under the tree this December.

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