Friday, 14 October 2016


On paper, I shouldn't lead a lonely life. I'm lucky enough to live with two great friends, have a very sociable job, a wonderful boyfriend and extremely supportive circle of people around me every single day. But recently I can't help but shake the feeling that despite constantly being surrounded by faces that I love, I'm often left feeling intrinsically lonely. 

I've always felt that I must be the only one and that it had to be a mental health problem that I've pushed to one side - but I popped a poll on Twitter to quiz you guys about it, and the results really surprised me. 

Here's a chat about how I've been feeling, in the hope that it can open up the topic a little bit and get us all talking about loneliness more, and how to handle it when, according to everyone else, you're supposed to be living the big social dream in your twenties.

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