Monday, 22 July 2013

My current hair heroes

I'm stuck in a hair rut at the moment. Ever since I gave myself a very DIY dip dye three years ago, it's lost a serious amount of life. Yes it's mega long, but it's sadly not in the best condition it could be thanks to constant brutal teenage dye jobs and not much TLC (forever lazy). It's also pretty much lost all shape. Yep, making myself sound super attractive right now.

A couple of weeks ago I got back from travelling America and decided that enough was enough. My locks needed some MAJOR looking after. Since then, I've been lather-rinse-repeating, five-minute-conditioning, AND treatmenting, to try and make the best of my lack-lustre locks until I can get to a hairdressers and ask them to shave the whole lot off. Okay, maybe that's a bit drastic but OH GOD I HATE MY HAIR.

My current line up is looking a little like this. I kick things off with a double whammy of Aussie Beach Mate. It's designed to get rid of all the grit from the beach, so gives a full-on cleanse and is full of nourishing oils and stuff. A new favourite conditioner has made its way into my shower to go alongside it too. Neal & Wolf Harmony is a luxurious deep treatment which has really made a different to my dramatically dry ends. Follow that up with a spray or two of Dove's leave-in conditioner (it's worth using just for the smell), and a generous spritz of the Neal & Wolf Glow shine spray, and we're pretty much good to go.

What are your absolute must-haves for saving unloved hair?

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  1. I'm really eager to get my hands on the Dove hair therapy as it seems so good! xxx

  2. I love the Dove hair therapy! My hair secret is the Bumble and Bumble Crème de Coco Masque, smells amazing and gives me super soft hair!

    Bella |


  3. Very much needed this! My hair has seen way too much bleach and dye the past few weeks, it's in desperate need of some loving. Really want to try the Dove hair therapy! xxxx

  4. I've heard that the Dove one is really good! I need to try it out! Good luck with your hair haha xx

  5. I always use the Dove leave in conditioner, it really does smell amazing!

  6. I tend to neglect my hair a little aswell, so I know how you feel! Thanks for the advice though, I'm going to have to give some of these things a go!

    Ive recently started my own blog, please check me out at...

    Thanks! x

  7. I love all aussie products and I really want to try out the dove one xx i found you on youtube a couple of days ago and then started reading your blog and it is lovely xx i've just started my own bklog fancy checking it out?