Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I really need to get myself... an iPhone 5 case

Until a few months ago, I was a reluctant Blackberry gal and was desperate to join the iPhone gang (mainly so I could stick endless ugly selfies on Instagram), but in April my never-ending contract FINALLY expired, and I managed to wangle myself an iPhone 5 from a sales assistant who in the end, was just desperate for me to leave the shop.

Like everyone else, my iPhone is basically a replacement hand. A bit like Captain Hook except slightly less lethal and a lot more One Direction songs on it. I've had a few close calls when it comes to smashing it/dropping down the toilet from my dungarees pocket/finding a leaking biro had pissed ink all over it whilst in my bag, so aside from making it look purdee, I do actually need to protect this thang.

These are my main contenders at the moment, but I'm torn between them all. I'm really digging mint green at the moment, but I just can't decide on a design. Maybe I'll pick up a few so my phone can be a bit like a mood ring. Or something.

Which one are you liking the most? Have you picked up a cute phonecase which I need to check out?

1. Mint patterned wood design // 2. Mint green patterned // 3. Wooden, mint green wave
4. Wooden stag // 5. Hakuna Matata // 6. White with mint apple

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  1. oh no. i've fallen in love with all of these! especially 2 and 4. it's all part of the fun of having an iphone isn't it :) x

  2. I absolutely love 2 and 3! Although I think two is my favourite - my case at the moment is a watermelon one ( I got it off ebay for only a fiver, a right bargain!

  3. Love these cases lovely, I too am new to the Iphone clan as I was a Blackberry girl for years, so glad I made the swap though especially for blogging reasons! Anyway, love choice of cases, rather in love with no.4!

    Elizabeth x

  4. One and three are so cute! Particularly enjoyed your 'it fell out of my dungaree pocket into the loo' story. Miss your face girrrl! xx

  5. I love these! I've had the 5 for a while but could never find a pretty case for it, and here you are with 6 beauties! I think I'd go for 5. but they're all gorgeous :)
    I've had a few narrow escapes too, I was showering and heard a text alert and (stupidly) leaned out to check who it was from, picked it up, it slipped and did a somersault off the toilet seat and onto the bath mat!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  6. The choices are just endless with iPhone cases, one of the things I love about it haha :) My favourite is probably number 2, but they're all lovely xx

  7. I love the half wood half mint one, sooo nice!

  8. Das erste Case ist mein absoluter Favorit, total schön.

  9. Now I'm wishing I'd invested in an iphone instead of the new samsung boohoo :(