Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Charlotte Free for ASOS (+ Sponsored Video)

Not many people can rock the ‘half arsed dye job pastel pink hair’ look, but Charlotte Free is one of the lucky few, and I LOVE her. She’s brightened up the catwalk for Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, been the campaign face for Maybelline and now she’s getting all ASOS’d on us especially for Christmas. And all this came from being scouted while she was playing video games in an arcade in Los Angeles. Some people are just born lucky, right? 

Charlotte is ASOS magazines December cover girl, and the shoot shows her boasting a wardrobe rammed with festive sparkle in endless furs, sequins and tulle. Alongside this, ASOS is launching an interactive campaign staring the model, alongside Ellie Goulding and Azaelia Banks for an amazing fashion and music icon mashup, featuring a really cute candid interview with the model. 

As an extra Christmas bonus, ASOS are giving away the gorgeous looks that Charlotte features in the promotional video below. Watch the lookbook, shop for the pieces on ASOS.com, and just pin the shots and include the hashtag #BestNightEver for a chance to win! I’ve never seen this done by a brand before, but I imagine it will catch on fast! 

What do you think of the new interactive ASOS campaign? Are you a Charlotte Free fan? 

- Post sponsored by ASOS.

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  1. Oddly I am a fan if her, she's gorgeous yet also seems 'real' xo