Monday, 3 September 2012

August Beauty Favourites

Original Source white pear & avocado conditioner: 
I picked this up on a whim after seeing it was only about £1.75, when I was shopping in Bodycare with my friend Hannah for all her toiletries to take backpacking. I've loved Original Source shower gels for a few years now (especially the strawberry one) so I was intrigued to try the conditioner. I wasn't expecting amazing results but I was really surprised with how nourished my hair felt after using it as my ends can get pretty dry from years of experimenting with dye. I'm a big fan of all the natural ingredients that's inside it too, so a definite thumbs up from me.

Origins A Perfect World cleanser:
My mum bought this back from America for one of my little presents from her big trip to Canada, NYC and Boston. I had a sample of this which came with an Origins order a while ago (they are SO generous with their samples!), and really loved the way it foamed up when used with my Clarisonic. A 10p sized amount of this is enough to give my face an amazing cleanse. It's made my skin the clearest it's been for a while. Definitely a daily essential for me now.

Maybelline The Eraser concealer:
After going through a fairly extreme Kristen Stewart obsession this summer, I did a bit of research on the makeup her makeup artists like to use on her for appearances, and saw this kept cropping up on a few different websites. I really wanted to try and minimise my makeup this summer and reduce it to something more natural and effortless looking. This is a really light but effective under-eye concealer. I suffer with really dark circles under my eyes, but the pinky orange tones of this really help to cancel out the greyness and reflect more light against them to reduce their appearance. If I want a more full coverage I use this over the top of my Bobbi Brown corrector.

e.o.s lipbalm smooth sphere in Honeysuckle Honeydew:
First of all, eos smooth sphere's have possibly the coolest packaging of any product EVER. I literally apply this stuff a couple of times an hour because it's completely addictive. I was just coming to the end of my old one in Summer Fruits so asked mum to pick me up a new one from America as they're only a couple of dollars in any drugstore there. I absolutely love the scent of this one, and it's definitely my favourite lipbalm as it's really nourishing without leaving any kind of sticky residue after a while. I really want to try e.o.s hand and body lotions!

MAC Creme Cup lipstick:
Again, another America treat from Mama Boots. I've had my eye on this shade for a while, it's a really effortless pretty peachy pink which can be worn as fairly sheer for a pinky shine, or built up to a slightly more opaque colour. Perfect for keeping in my handbag to apply some whenever I'm feeling like a scruffbag.

MAC Fix + :
I am literally so obsessed with this stuff. When my Caudalie Beauty Elixir ran out a few months ago, I decided I didn't want to repurchase it because I hadn't loved it as much as I was expecting to; the smell wasn't top of my faves list and I think it's really overpriced because of the weird hype around it. I went for Fix+ instead because the smaller bottle is pretty cheap, and it doesn't really have a scent to it. It's slightly wetter than Caudalie, but seems to do much more. I use it after I've applied all my makeup to take away any cakeiness, and to just lift the dewiness back onto of my skin which languishes under my powder!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy rollerball:
This scent was my favourite present that Mum bought home for me. This rollerball perfume business is pretty big in the USA with most popular scents being available in the handy travel size for a fraction of the price of a normal sized bottle. I have no idea why they aren't available in the UK, but I so wish they were! It's so nice to be able to just chuck this in my bag and top up whenever I need to. This scent is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for summer as its a little bit floral but also quite sweet and girly. I get quite strong hints of vanilla from it quite often too, delicious!

(I am alive! I've just been spending every second I've had this summer by writing CVs for internships and part time jobs. It's paid off though as I have 2 interviews and 3 work experiences under my belt! I hope August has been lovely for you!)


  1. I love Original Source too! No idea they did conditioners too! I'll have to check them out :)

  2. I've got the e.o.s lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew too! It's the best smelling+tasting lipbalms that does it's job really well :D

  3. I really want to try that MAC shade... Not sure if it would work on my skin though xo

  4. I really want to try EOS, Creme Cup is a beautiful shade too xxx

  5. It seemed that some of your August Beauty Favorites are also my favorites. I really like to have all of those beauty products. I think that it would really make my face and skin lovely as before.

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  7. I'm definitely loving the mac cream lipstick :P

    I found your blog on FBL bloggers, so I'm following you now. I hope you follow back as well. ;)