Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vintage Navy Knitted Jumper

Jumper - Sean's (Vintage)
Skirt - H&M
Collar - Little Me
Shoes - Topshop

A really simple outfit I threw on for a very long day at uni today, Thursdays are my worst! Eighteenth Century London in the morning and seventeenth century literature in the afternoon, no thank youuu.
I absolutely love this navy vintage jumper though. The photos have come out terrible quality thanks to my incredibly unpredictable camera, but its a beautiful braided knit which is warm enough for spring but not too thick and chunky that it gets me all hot and bothered like a lot of annoying jumpers too!
It belongs to Sean in theory, but I think I probably wear it more than he does. When he bought it, I actually picked it off the rail for myself but he thought I'd suggested it for him. He liked it so much I didnt have the heart to say otherwise. Just pass the 'Girlfriend of the year' award over here whenever you want...

Just a heads up that posts on here will probably be a little sparse for the next month or so as I've reached that time in the university calendar when you suddenly realise you do actually have to do some work for this degree thing I've been promised. I will hopefully get one up at next week some point of my outfit I've chosen to wear for one of my best girl's 21st on Saturday! We're hitting Liverpool haaard in our gladrags and highest heels, go high or go home! SOO excited!


  1. love your outfit, you look lovely. I adore your hair!xxxx

  2. aw you have one of those little collars! i'm dying to get one! :D you look gorgeous! i love the jumper <3

  3. I love this skirt! Ive been on the hunt for a leather skirt but I think ive missed the boat :( I do have some shorts which KIND OF look like a skirt so they will have to do! You look fab!xxx

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  5. Man, i really need some stud embellished pumps - they are top of my wishlist right now! I just have to say that i love your header by the way :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. That outfit is so cute !
    I have a jumper similar to that from new look, and I still have to get a collared shirt and a leather skirt :(
    I have no idea where to buy a collared shirt from though, which does not make me look like a waitress, so wish me luck on that one haha
    Lovely lovely outfit xx

  7. Waa you look so cute in this outfit! Really must invest in a detachable collar soon too! Totally feel your pain with it reaching the omgzpanicstopsittinginbed stage of the Uni year :/ xx

  8. I still need to get myself a leather skirt, looks lovely!
    You really pull off the whole jumper/collar combination.. I just look like a librarian every time I attempt it! Good luck with your uni work, totally feeling your pain - I've got so many assignments due and literally no time in which to do them haha.

    Hev x

  9. U look Gawjuuus! Love the jump X

  10. Love your outfit! The shoes are gorge!! :) Xx

  11. Those shoes from Topshop are awesome! They really go with everything! :) I really wish I owned a pair haha

  12. The beauty of a pair of amazing shoes is that your whole body feels different when you step into them.