Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sponsored Video - 17 Makeup Music!

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17 are a makeup brand I’ve always been a little unfamiliar with, and having never been particularly aware of what they have to offer me thats different from the sea of other drugstore brands, I have always tended to keep my distance. However, all that seems to be changing as 17 is bringing itself more and more into the spotlight, and ditching its slightly old fashioned reputation, particularly by working closely with bloggers. This is something I really love to see brands doing, not just because Im a bit biased, but because it makes total sense! Bloggers are a totally invaluable source of advertisement and honest opinion! 

More and more frequently I have seen seeing ’17 Twitter parties’, and posts pop up of bloggers loving 17’s new range of products, and was particularly interested in their ’17’s Spring Beauty Challenge’, where bloggers were contacted to create a fresh faced look with the new spring range. My particular favourite was Kate’s look over at Mes Luxes, so pretty! Seeing a brand that is conscious of its audience and understands the influence of beauty bloggers is something that really grabs my attention, and so after a closer inspection of their range, I was pleasantly surprised by its quality, huge range on offer, and gorgeous presentation. I particularly love the Spring Eye Palettes, each with four beautiful pastel shades crafted into the shape of a rose, which would look super cute on any dressing table. 

It’s cool to see 17 branching out into other areas too at the moment, with their next big step into promoting music! This video is for Boots, and is part of the innovative “17 Make-up Songs” campaign, which features up and coming female singers and bands. Some serious girl power! This video includes a song by Beca, an electro pop artist, who is the third artist to collaborate with the 17 initiative. 

What do you think of 17? Are there any of their products that you swear by?


  1. I've recently started using 17 lipsticks and love them! I was like you, before they never really stood out from other 'drug store' brands, but now I definitely check them out every time I go into boots. I initially kept seeing blog posts about the lipsticks, which is why I checked them out, so their new marketing plan seems to be working! x

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