Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nautical Disco Pants

Striped Tee - River Island
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Headscarf - Primark

Bit of a boring one today, sorry guys, I've got a really bad cold and I'm sat on my bed surrounded by Neurofen and snotty tissues, living the serious glam life right now. The tee is just a bit of an essential that I picked up last term from the mens section in River Island, I think it was around a fiver. My search for the perfect breton tee is an ongoing quest, a bit like my search for the perfect pink lipstick - this one comes close, but its just not quite there as the sleeves are slightly too short to roll up. The search continues!

The headscarf was a little bargain I got from Primark at the weekend, I think it was £1.50. As soon as i saw it I sprinted to the till with it, as its perfect (and cheap!) for a fancy dress I'm going to in Liverpool at the weekend for my best friend Steph's 21st. Her theme is 1940s, for a V Day B'Day! (amazing). I'm going as Rosie the Riveter, and have a full navy boiler suit to wear, and I've been practicing my 40s hair and makeup. So excited, I love me a good fancy dress party!


  1. Such a simple combination and yet you still look amazing! I love the headscarf in particular, I've got a similar one and never know how to style it! xo

  2. H&M for Breton tees forever! ;) Your headscarf is pretttty, and I hope you feel better soon sweet! I'm finally feeling okay again today and my housemates are already all 'get back to your duvet cave and stop being distracting' at me, hahahah! xx

  3. love this outfit! I've been wearing the same headscarf all week, bargain x

  4. lobe this outfit! have fun at the weekend :-) xxx