Thursday, 1 March 2012

Eyelash Palace Eyelashes

Its only recently that I've started to get properly into false eyelashes, but being a Liverpool girl it was bound to happen at some stage, they're basically Saturday Night Uniform for girls. Until a few months ago I'd only ever worn awful spidery ones in my scene kid days, and some quite subtle ones for prom, but now I love wearing quite full ones, my current favourites being the Katy Perry Eyelure range. 

Recently I was super excited to receive four samples from Eyelash Palace, an online eyelashes retailer of high quality lashes without high prices (always good!), most of their pairs of lashes priced at just 99p, AMAZING! Each pair in a pink box came with their own glue, but I applied each pair with my own lash glue as my eyes can be a little sensitive and I didnt fancy risking the unnamed brand!

Style 1.  F15 Lashes

Initially I was a bit unsure of these sat in their box as I thought they looked a bit wirey and expected them to give me 'anime' style eyelashes, but applied I really liked the effect they gave. They're not too obvious but bold enough for a flirty touch to evening makeup. Despite feeling a little plasticy and stiff compared to the more natural feeling eyelashes I've worn before, they felt really light and easy to wear once on my eyes, and they seem robust and good quality for 99p!

2. Ya Qun Lashes
I was sent two pairs of these lashes, and I imagine I'll get quite a bit of use out of them. They're natural, pretty and easy to wear, and probably a really good 'starter' pair of lashes for someone who is a bit unsure of whether they enjoy wearing them or not. These are slightly softer and more feathery than the F15 pair, which I think I prefer. Thumbs up!

3. H-9 Lashes
These are definitely the most dramatic lashes that Eyelash Palace sent me, but I absolutely love them, and they'll be making their debut next Saturday night for my friends 21st! They are much bolder than any lashes I've worn before as I tend to go for a comfortable mix of all these combined! However, they will fit right in in Liverpool being so amazingly thick and voluminous.

I'm really impressed with the service that Eyelash Palace has delivered! The lashes came wrapped up in cute brown paper, and each set has really pretty Japanese packaging. Obviously, you cant order these and expect to receive the best quality eyelashes on the market, because at 99p a pair they are basically a steal; why buy one pair when you can buy 5 for the same price?! I totally believe that for how lovely they look on, they're a great bargain. I'd definitely recommend to everyone, as its cheap enough for eyelash junkies to get a quick fix, and for eyelash newbies to experiment!


  1. these look really lovely! can't believe they're only 99p!xxx

  2. They look great on, the first are very natural!

  3. They look gorgeous on darling!

    Eda ♥

  4. Ah they look so pretty on you! Unfortunately I am beyond SHIT at applying false eyelashes on myself :( xx

  5. Great review :) A friend of mine sent me a few of the pink boxed ones and until now I'd never known where they came from to get some more! (you'll be please to know the glue was crap so well avoided there) Will definitely be placing an order to get me some more. Lovely blog <3



  6. They look lovely on you! I really love your eye make up too xx

  7. they look great :) I'm always too scared to put on fake lashes incase they fall out, but may give these ones a go xx

  8. aaah the packaging is so cuuuute! they look great x

  9. they look so lovely! i'm yet to try out false lashes. i feel like they'd look a bit OTT on me, but never say never. haha.
    just found your blog and i love it! following :)


  10. Great post, :D Love the lashes :)I hope you will follow my blog


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