Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ways They Wear: The Pink Blazer

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If someone told me that they'd been drawing fashion inspiration from The Only Way is Essex, I would normally raise one eyebrow and turn away slowly in disgust, but Lydia Bright is the one character that really has a great sense of style (post of the time). Last nights episode saw her in an outfit I absolutely loved, with a gorgeous neon pink statement blazer teamed with a neutral cream blouse and cute pastel tweed shorts. A pink blazer is now number 1 on my lust list (well, behind a Mulberry Alexa, but thats kind of number 0), so I thought I'd take a look at how other bloggers have chosen to style their pink blazers.
  • Blazers are usually a way to add a slightly masculine edge to an outfit, but choosing a pink one cancels this out somewhat and gives the classic piece more of a girly yet quirky look. 
  • If the neon is a bit daring for you, a chalky or pale pink blazer looks just as pretty!
  • I love the pairing of a bright neon pink blazer with more toned down pastel colours underneath like Lydia did, and in Look 2, which is my favourite of them all. It's the perfect way to introduce the 'spring sorbet' trend into your wardrobe.
  • The other looks I chose, I loved for their contrast of a brightly coloured blazer against an otherwise monochrome outfit. The pink blazer gives these outfits a perfect and shocking pop of colour. I think Charlene from Strutt la Mode in Look 4 (one of my FAVOURITE bloggers for her amazing outfits) owns hers particularly well.
  • I chose Look 3 as her outfit is definitely something I could see myself wearing day to day, and made me think that a pink blazer would be prefect with my Disco Pants (which I've done a Ways They Wear for)
What do you think of the pink blazer trend? Would you like to bag yourself one for spring or should blazers be strictly black?

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  1. they've got a pink blazer in the zara sale over here, i am so tempted to buy it. eeeeek.

    1. thats the one i want!!! i IMPLORE you to buy it alex!!

  2. I'm loving the pink blazer! I think it adds a feminine edge to masculine tailoring... the bright pinks look gorgeous, they're my fave! xx

  3. you can get bright pink raspberry blazers in h&m at the moment, i snapped one up straight away and featured it in an ootd on my blog.
    they also have them in a bright cobalt blue :)

  4. I really want a pink blazer! River Island were doing a gorgeous fuchsia one don't know if it's still in stock though. xx

  5. I LOVE the colour of 5, been wanting one in that colour for ages. Also loved Lydia's when I saw her last night x

  6. gosh I've wanted a pink blazer for soo long, they're so girly but chic. I'm desperate to know where Lydia's is from! Great post luce! xxx

  7. A pink blazer is actually well up there on my wishlist at the minute, I just think it would be the perfect item for Spring! I actually love Lydia's neon number, I think it's the nicest little cropped shape as well. Think I might go for a pale/pastel one though for wear-ability!

  8. this post makes me want to buy one! all the girls look great in their pink blazers! x

  9. Oooh no pink blazer sadly, but I recently picked up a fab bright blue blazer that I posted about! Am totes in love with it & cannot wait to pair it with a few outfits :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. Love this post! I've been planning on getting a new blazer, but not sure on which colour to purchase. These beautiful photo inspirations may have swayed me toward pink haha :)

    <3 Shawna

  11. i have this pink blazer thats just seating in my closet with no idea how to wear bear in mind that england is freezing plus UGG'S do not help the situation at all please help!