Sunday, 5 February 2012

sunday girl

I have been trying my very best to refrain on all my social networking platforms from mentioning the s-word. Thats right. SNOW. Unless its Christmas Day, Im a firm believer that snow should just not exist. It's pretty for about 10 minutes, and then it just needs to put itself into reverse and get rid. I hate the cold, the prospect of slipping all over the show, and also, I'm not a big winter clothes fan and don't own much with any warmth of any kind. 
Looking out the window at the good 4 inches that has fallen outside my boyfriends house, I decided to do the complete opposite of everybody posting photos of their snow covered rooftops and post a photo of myself in 40 degree heat, having had a reminisce through the holiday photos from this summer of me and my girls in Valencia. LOOK AT MY TAN. Good Lord just look at my tan. Summer 2012 needs to get here ASAP.

I had some really amazing news this week in the shape of being offered an internship at a real life genuine magazine! I am kind of in shock about managing to bag myself one, having never had any experience before and only sending out my CVs last week. All the 'well done' tweets and facebook likes made me smile like a looney, you aren't have a supportive bunch, blogging girlies! I thought I'd be waiting months and months! I'm so relieved to have been offered my first chance at setting my foot on the ladder of the career I want, it is majorly exciting! Roll on May!

Of course, as I'm at Sean's this weekend, today is revolving around the Man U match. Please win Man U, or I'm going to have a very grumpy chap. I'm making him make it up to me by cooking something delish for tea. Very excited for TOWIB next week! Who will I see there?


  1. haha I've refused to venture out into the snow today too! So envious of your summer tan, are you off to anywhere lovely and hot this summer? SO excited for TOWIB on saturday, I'm working till 6 so can meet you after then? HUGE congrats again on the internship. xxx

  2. you all look so beaut on that photo!

    congrats on your internship too. i cannot wait to hear all about it.

    miss you, boom!

  3. hah my boy was watching that game too but is in a hump cuz they draw.
    congrats on the internship- itll be amazing!

  4. aww this photo makes me want the summer to hurry up so bad!!
    my boyf is a man u supporter too so a win would save me from dealing with an unhappy chappy too!
    congrats with the internship too! :)

    1. just realised i've used the word 'too' three times. apologies haha

  5. Luckily, I'm not in London to have watched the game with my boyfriend, he would have been so grumpy at the start of it! and YES!! the snow is SUCH an inconvenience, i cannot stand it, it's awful!
    Congratulations on the internship! Coming from a Magazine Publishing student, I'm very jealous, I hope you have a fabulous time :D xxxxxx

  6. I so wish the snow would disappear, all it does is mess up plans! Congrats on the internship, I'll be a TOWIB! xx

  7. CONGRATULATIONSSSSS on the intern! Whooop you little clever egg!
    How do you not like the snow? To be fair, I'm not a fan of it in England.. but for snowboarding, it's good!
    I shall see YOU beautiful lady next weekend!xx

  8. Congrats on the internship lovely! They really are the best way into an industry and I would have had nowt without mine. Looking forward to meeting you at TOWIB my sweet xx

  9. Congrats hun! Thats amazing! Looks like I am the only one out of you blogger gals to not have done this yet! haha
    You're going to love it! Making me envy that tan right now! Roll on summer!

    xx Jess

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  11. Congrats on the internship, how exciting?! :) xx