Sunday, 11 December 2011

sunday girl

Havent done one of these in a while, because my weekends seem to take one extreme or the other at the moment, of either manic crazy busy days, or days so lazy and filled with slobbery that i cant even be arsed to turn my laptop on. Today is one of those days, but I've decided to go against all the little lazy voices in my head telling me to go back to sleep.

Had a really nice weekend a couple of weeks back now when my best friends from home came to stay. We did absolutely loads and I took them to all my favourite places like Camden, Canary Wharf, and South Kensington for a mooch around Harrods, and it was so amazing to see them after like four months. I've been best friends with these girls since the first day of Reception, so not seeing them for so long is like someones chopped my right arm off. Here's a very flattering photo of us trying some very serious hats on at Winter Wonderland.

I've finished uni for the semester which feels AMAZING. I've worked really hard this term, and really think there's been a huge leap between first and second year, finding myself really challenged and having to think independently for the first time ever towards my work. It's been a bit of a shock to the system so this break is going to be very much appreciated. I'm going home on Friday after a visit to my dads on Thursday, so I have lots to look forward to! The next one of these updates will be written from Liverpool yayayayyyy!

This time in exactly 2 weeks I will be inhaling my Christmas dinner which is SOOO EXCITING WOOOOO! Absolutely cant wait, I am such a sucker for Christmas, and I love absolutely everything about it. I'm doing pretty well with my shopping this year too. Despite being on a VERY tight budget I've had some really good ideas, and as a mega bonus, have managed to do nearly everything online because the thought of going into central London at any point during December makes me want to vom. Just a couple more bits to get and I will be shaking my belly like a bowl full of jelly.

This weekend I'm at Sean's having a nice few days, and on Monday its our 3 years anniversary type thing, cause we are just so cute. Not sure what we're doing yet but hopefully something nice. However tonight belongs to the X Factor and Black Mirror. Dont really care who wins now that Amelia's gone, sob sob sulk sulk.


  1. looks like you had a good weekend and i'm glad your second year of uni is going well, i'm still struggling to settle in to my first. :)

    i was just wondering if you have you be invited or where you can find out about blogger events? thanks. keep up the good posting!


  2. I actually wanted Amelia to go before watching, but after last night I thought Marcus should have been the first to go. His voice just wasn't really that great in a big arena.
    I'm so excited for Christmas this year too, I cannot wait to eat my weight in after eights.


  3. I'm finally done for the semester too (as long as tomorrow's tutorials go well!) and it's SUCH a good feeling (: Such a cute photo with your friends as well haha, those hoods/hats are amazing! xx

    PS. Little Mix to win *coughcough*

  4. Aw sounds like a great weekend with your friends.

    I have to choose a study after high school and the perfect study is three hours away from home but I cant imagine to live by myself

    I looove christmas too. The christmas feeling and everything looks so cozy and cheerful ahh


  5. aww I LOVE those animal hats, they're adorable! x

  6. those hats are so sweet and look so cosy! I know what you mean about the leap between 1st and 2nd year, and as I haven't had a reading week I am definitely ready for the break!

  7. Ha, those hats are amazing. Happy anniversary for Monday! Happy festive season! x