Sunday, 18 December 2011

OOTD: elbow patch jumper and leather backpack

Elbow patch jumper - H&M
Peter pan collar tunic - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Leather backpack - Gypsy on Valencia beach 

This outfit is incredibly dull and straight after I'd taken these, I swapped the leggings for black tights and my leather shorts to try and liven it up a bit, but I like to try and take genuine outfit photos of what I wear rather than quickly popping on some really dressy stuff every day just to take a nice photo! This is just a typical lazy uni outfit. I totally dont get girls that dress 'nice' for lectures! Whenever I see a girl on campus wearing a dress and heels I just want to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOOINNGGGG at her, although props for caring that much. I am usually in scruffs and my Barbour jacket!

I really love this backpack though. I think I paid about 20 euros for it from a mad little gypsy man on Valencia beach in the summer who was sat making loads of them by hand. The only thing about it is that it STINKS of cow, STILL! Even after like 5 months I still get whiffs of it when I'm unpacking it. If you're ever out with me while I'm using this bag, stay up-wind.

As you can see I've got some serious root-age coming through into my hair at the moment (yuckkkk), but I'm getting it dyed on Wednesday, and going very blonde (hopefully). I'm really hoping for a kind of Olsen inspired, surfy, messy blonde rather than an all over colour, and my hairdresser is usually amazing at pulling off what I've got in mind, so fingers crossed it doesnt end up a total disaster... If I'm a ginge over Christmas I might cry.


  1. i really love your backpack- lovely outfit xx

  2. Hahaha oh how tragic to be ginge for Christmas! If worst comes to worst you can always pop on a santa hat! I totally agree with you about girls dressing up for uni.. who are they trying to impress? Also, when I was at school we weren't allowed to wear any makeup (and why would we want to at an all girls school?) so it weirds me out these days seeing girls with a full face of makeup on and perfectly wavy hair in uniform. x

  3. unfortunately i'm one of those girls who wears dresses to lectures! I don't do the heels though! HAHA I don't know why I do it...I'm always overdressed :S

    I love this top! xx

  4. Such a lovely jumper, I really want one that falls a little looser at the bottom (: I'm sure your hair will look amazing, I think we all dream of Olsen tresses! xx

  5. Such a lovely jumper, I really want one that falls a little looser at the bottom (: I'm sure your hair will look amazing, I think we all dream of Olsen tresses! xx

  6. HAHA I love how it still smells of cow.. that's funny!
    It does seem a bit mad when people do just dress up to take nice photos! You're either wearing it or not! And heels to uni.. WOW but then I also bow to her for being able to walk in them! I wear them to work everyday and STILL cannot walk in them!
    I love the cute collar peeking out of the jumper too.x

  7. I adore the jumper and am dying for a jumper with Elbow patches. I totally agree with not understanding why some girls go so dressy to uni! Heels to climb the stairs of the library, no thank you!
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. I love your backpack. Its perfect for uni! :) i think your hair is nice. Love the length. Totally hair envy of the olsen's hair :( x

  9. Absolutely adore the backpack ugh, love it!
    I'm also planning on going further blonder in the new year yaaaay :)

  10. love the bag!!

  11. Definitely for genuine outfit photos, I feel so inferior to people who are dressed to the nines everyday according to their outfit posts! Oh and definitely no heels at uni, I'm always gobsmacked at some of the girls that teeter in, comfort for lectures always! I love the backpack, and shoulder pads are a big yes for me!

  12. Oooooh I love that backpack! I have a mini version very similar to that from when I visited Colombia a while ago. So cute. Looking forward to seeing your new hair! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  13. the elbow patches are so sweet and the collar is, too.

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC