Friday, 2 December 2011

OOTD: beaded blondie vest

Beaded Blondie vest: Camden market
Jeans: Topshop
Chelsea boots: River Island
Dalmatian nails a la Michelle

Picked up this top from a really cute little stall at Camden market, they had lots of tops that I would have loved, and my friend Hannah got an awesome Springsteen cropped tee, but I thought this one was quite unusual and I liked the fact the beads were hand stitched. Paired it with my very old and very-too-big blue jeans and rolled them up to wear with my chelsea boots for a bit of an 80s mod feel. It's times like these I need a bomber jacket like Mary's in my life.
Wearing jeans is a REALLY rare choice for me, for some reason they always make me feel very self concious and chunky, probably just because I'm so used to wearing tights all the time. As soon as I left the house wearing them I felt like I'd made the wrong decision!

Yesterday I finally got round to making a Facebook page for Lucyboots so if you could like it for me I'd really appreciate it! It's just a quick way of getting in contact with me and keeping up to date with anything related to this blog if you like it :) You've probably noticed that my blog layout has changed a little bit, although not hugely, I just fancied a bit of a change. What do you all think? I'm not sure if its a bit busy, and whether it detracts a bit from post content... 

At Seans tonight for a night of Peter Kay, Krispy Kreme and fighting with Flo, our kitten. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Blondie t-shirt works so good with these nails! So much fun! X

  2. Aw you look great love that t-shirt! and you deffo don't look chunky AT ALL


  3. loving the dalmatian nails - will definitely be attempting it myself


  4. I'm a big Blondie/Debbie Harry fan so I am loving this vest, I like the beading, it's very pretty and not tacky at all. Love your nails too

  5. ah cute top, the pearls!
    Wearing jeans feel weird for me too, tighs just feel so comfi!
    I love the dalmatian nails, really nice look, i want too try them too.
    oehh and I cant waittt too get my hands on the phonecase

  6. Yesss you do need one like mine! Get it here -

    Do it - great outfit! xxx

  7. Wow I loveee your nails! I'm a sucker for anything dalmation print! Going to have to give it a go.

  8. Lucy you honestly look gorgeous in your jeans you really do! I'm the same, I never ever wear trousers!
    I love your nails too.
    Hope you have a lovely evening with the kitty, and some yummy doughnuts!x

  9. I adore the vest, I have not been to Camden in forever love it x