Thursday, 22 December 2011

A More Casual NYE

New Years Eve is a weird one for me. I am always up for getting dressed up to the nines and love occasions where I can spend hours getting ready to go out, infact I tend to enjoy the prep more than the actual night out! So for New Years, I always go all out, buy a new dress and plan what I'm going to look like months in advance. Yet year after year, I always end up at a house party?!

After looking through the day dresses on Freemans, I was struck with the idea that for 2011/2012, my New Years dress this year should definitely be a casual one, and the accessories I pair with it should be what makes me look more glam, so that I dont stick out like a sore thumb at whatever house party I end up at this year!

I put together these looks with my three favourite dresses. They're all very different but I could definitely see myself in all of them! The first dress is actually what I wore for last years NYE but much more dressed down much more than I ended up!  The second look is definitely the most 'me' (secret mosher...)

What do you think of them? What sort of look to you tend to go for for NYE?

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  1. Ahh, i love every single thing here, especially that studded headband!


  2. Love all of these! Topshop studded flats are my dream. x hivennn

  3. Ahh love 'em all but the second is my fave too :) xxxxxxxxxx

  4. lovelovelove the colour schemes on all of these! really lovely, especially the first set ♥

  5. gah I really want some chelsea boots, thinking of getting some cheapies from ebay, lovely picks - liking the leather jacket


  6. I love the third look! It's perfect for horse parties! I feel the same about new year, it's definitely a tricky one!