Saturday, 10 December 2011

Aussie Haircare Event (feat. Tips for Going Blonde)

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the celebration of the launch of the classic Aussie shampoo favourites in their new enormous 500ml and 400ml sizes. Heading over to the Soho Hotel with some old blogging friends and some new ones, I couldnt believe my flippin' ears to hear that the event was being held in P Diddy's favourite suite to stay in when he hits London. Pretty impressive! I had an absolutely great night stuffing my face with delish canopes, taking advantage of the posh champagne, and generally behaving like mischevious children while the 'big cheeses' were deep in conversation in the other room, as you can see by Natalie trying out Puff's bath.

We were each given the chance to have a one-to-one slot with Liz Taw, an Aussie ambassador and big-wig hair stylist (she's done Gary Barlow on this years X Factor!), who could give us personal advise on whats best for our barnet. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to getting anything done to my hair, so whilst I wasnt as brave as Elodie who got a mini chop, or Lauren who got a gorgeous beehive, I jumped at the opportunity to ask a million questions, as my hair and I have a serious love/hate relationship. 

I quizzed Liz about the fact I'm planning to go blonder over Christmas, and asked her the best way to go about lightening your hair whilst keeping it in good condition. She recommended the use of highlights rather than an all over tint, which I totally agree with. It gives a much more polished and genuine-looking outcome. She also said to definitely invest in a good quality toner to use reguarly to eliminate any brassiness in the blonde which is pretty unflattering for nearly all skin tones.
I then asked about the best way to prevent roots rearing their ugly head, and how to slow down the dreaded process, and her suggestion was to ask your hairdresser to try 'backcombed highlights', where the roots are brushed back on themselves before the bleach is applied, so there's a slight fade down from the roots, and the ugly line which appears through regrowth becomes more controlled. 
Thirdly, I mentioned the fact that the ends of my hair become very dry if I dont washed my hair every day, and was recommended Aussie's Miracle Moist range, which I will definitely be checking out, which is great and putting moisture back into old, bleached, porous, or strained hair.
She finished by telling me to never complain about my hair, which is what I spend half my life doing, because it had a good texture and a nice cut, so that was a bit of Brucey bonus. Here I am in the hot seat.

As we left, we were given a lovely little goodie bag containing one of the Aussie shampoo conditioner pairings in their new quite frankly huge size, woohoo! At £5.99 they come out at great value, I imagine that there's a fair few washes worth in them!

Huge thank you to Handpicked and Aussie for putting on such a great event, and to Lauren, Elodie, Cigdem and Natalie for making the night so much fun!

(and thanks to Lauren and Elodie for letting me steal their photos!)


  1. Wow looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm always extremely jealous of your hair anyway.. It always looks so beautiful!x

  2. Yay! Also, mischievous? was on my best behaviour :O ;)


  3. Excited by these! I swear by Aussie products a lot of the time, especially their leave in conditioner. Also, thankyou for sharing that bit about 'backcombed highlights', I will definitely be asking about them when I get my hair highlighted next (hopefully soon!)

  4. Lucky you! I swear by aussie products. I use the lusicous long shampoo and 3 minute miricle conditioner - fantastic stuff.

  5. Hello, did you ask if theses products are tested on animals? I see you are an animal lover so it is always best to ask and demand that they [the products] are cruelty free.