Monday, 28 November 2011

Ways They Wear: Maxi Skirts

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I recently took a big step in my wardrobe timeline and bought my first maxi skirt a couple of weeks ago because I needed something a bit dressy to wear to a couple of blogger events, and when I posted an Outfit of the Day featuring it, I was amazed by how many comments I got from girls confessing they were way too scared of how to wear a maxi skirt to even think about buying one. Before I physically put the outfit together I was totally in agreement with them, thinking it'd be awkward and unflattering, but now that I've worn it a few times, and trawled Lookbook for inspiration, I'm totally sold on the maxi skirt.

  • Dont overthink it. A trend only becomes scary when you build it up in your mind. (Within reason) anyone can pull off anything if they have the confidence to match it.
  • Keep it simple. The amount of fabric in a maxi skirt is enough to make a statement by itself, so basic separates can go a long way with a maxi skirt. Plain or simple graphic tshirts, coloured jumpers, uncomplicated drapey shapes look effortless and chic. Minimal effort, maximum impact.
  • Heels obviously look great with maxi skirts, but I think flats work well too. I particularly love the fourth picture with the Doc Martens, which edge up an otherwise very girly look. A bit of shoe height will elongate the leg though and give you a bit of a boost if you have bigger legs.
  • Dont necessarily stick to black maxi skirts. I've spotted an amazing pale pink one in Forever 21 which I am in love with. Patterns also work really well.
  • While big accessories like oversized bags or sunglasses look amazing with maxi skirts, steer clear from anything else oversized like big coats or ruffled shirts (you WILL look like a bag lady, or just a chunk.)
Do you find the maxi trend daunting? What do you think of other lengths like midi? 


  1. i wish i was brave enough to wear a maxi skirt, i love the outfit with the doc martens xx

  2. I've got a maxi skirt from topshop very similar to look 1 and actually own everything within the look; feel like an idiot for not trying it all together sooner. Great feature :)

  3. I haven't tried the maxi skirt thing yet, I think I'll crack soon , I think it's like lipstick... after you've worn it once you won't be scared to wear it again! x

  4. I love my maxi skirt ! Its so simple but stylish ! Im a bit scared to try the midi though ! As i don't really know what to do with the little bit of leg on show ! Its so cold do i wear tights or just socks or nothing ! Very confusing to me !

  5. Love this post, was debating wearing my maxi with heeled DM's and you've inspired me! X

  6. LOVE them! Bought my first one in France when I was 16. It still fits me now and I still wear it loads :) Great post - you've given me lots of different ideas of how to style it :) x x

  7. I love maxi skirts and dresses and I live in them with flip flops in the summer... but for the winter it kind of scares me! The last picuture with the doc martens is pretty cool though!