Friday, 11 November 2011

Ways They Wear: Faux Fur

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Incorporating fur (faux pls!) into your outfit is an easy way to make a bold statement through the winter months, even when paired with the simplest of jeans or tees. I really love this winter trend. The texture is just beautiful (providing you look after your fur, matted is a no-no), it adds effortless glamour, and is obviously totally snugglywuggly and soft!
However, it takes some serious confidence to be able to pull off a Cruella-esque full fur coat, as all eyes will be on you looking like an 80s yuppie, so beware! So, I thought I'd do a little research as to how to ease oneself into it gracefully without looking like walking roadkill.

  • If full on vintage-grunge-fashionista isn't your look of choice, subtle fur trims are a great way to get involved with this trend. Fur trimmed hoods, fur linings on boots, or fur gloves and scarves could be great accessories to winter-fy an outfit good and proper.
  • Fur stoles are a beautiful and elegant addition to any outfit, and my personal favourite way of wearing this trend. There's some lovely ones available from H&M seen all over the Bloggersphere at the moment, including on me here.
  • Cossack hats or headbands are a cuter and less glamorous way of wearing fur
  • Knee length or waist length fur coats are much softer look than a full ankle length version, and somewhat less intimidating to less fashion-orientated members of the onlooking public, and are guaranteed to make you pine for the winter nights.
Have you bought any furs for your winter wardrobe? Or is it way too Patsy and Eddy for you?

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  1. I'm loving the fur trend, especially the fur hats!


  2. Loving fur at the moment! (but only if it's faux, of course!)

    Don't think I could pull off a Cossack, but totally wanna get me a stole to revamp some of my jumpers and cardigans! :) x x

  3. My favourites are all the stoles around at the moment... they can make any jumper/jacket/coat look like a new one instantly! Love it

    Dayner x my blog -

  4. I love a bit of faux fur atm, love the top middle look, such a gorgeous coat! Wish I'd known you were at the event last night sweet, would've def tried to hunt you down amongst the millions of people there :P xx