Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Video: Daily Makeup Routine

Ive been receiving quite a few emails and comments recently requesting that I do a post or two about my own personal daily makeup routine, particularly the one I'm wearing in this post. Rather than doing that exact look seperately, I decided to just do my everyday average makeup application. It's a very basic routine, I havent included any eyeshadows or lipsticks, so it really is the bare bones of what I slap on every day.
Just wanted to say however that I'm really no expert in this stuff so dont necessarily copy anything I do as these are just the techniques that I've adapted to work best for me. It's not very exciting but here we go :)
Sorry it's not very good! I've never done one before and was being a bit of a scatter brain trying to find all my bits and bobs which I didnt even organise before I filmed! I'd actually use quite a few more makeup brushes usually than I feature on this but I foolishly cleaned them late last night and they werent dry enough to use this morning. Ah well, one day I'll learn...
Any more questions just ask through comment, tweet me, or you could always formspring me too :)

PS. I'm super close to 200 followers which is so exciting! Eeee :) You never know, I may have a little giveaway up my sleeves to celebrate.... Keep an eye out! :)


  1. love this!! great video (and amazing choice of song) I looove that blusher!! I will deffo be copying you and getting it haha <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Oooh love this! I bought Bourjois Healthy Mix after you reviewed it a while ago - and have been using it ever since! Definitely think I'll give that bronzer a try too, I'm using Benefit 10 but it's running really low and I can't afford a new one! x

  3. really great video! love the song in background too :) your face is so fresh already without the foundation, but I also love how you contour your face with the blush/bronzer.

    now following :)

  4. Hello! I was just wondering what shades of nail varnish you are wearing in this video, they look gorgeous! Great video, your skin looks flawless!! X