Sunday, 13 November 2011

sunday girl

Just settling down for the evening and thinking about what a lovely week I've had! It's been manic at times, and at the other end of the scale, also featured a couple of the laziest days of my life, gotta find a balance! 

I started off feeling kind of home sick completely out of the blue so plucked up the courage to part with a million pounds for the train home. How much of a rip off are they?! And you're always surrounded by weirdos every time without fail. They should pay me to get on their bloody train. Flo wouldnt stop meowing and yowling for the majority of the journey which was horrendously embarrassing, even an M&S smoked salmon sandwich didnt please her, so spoilt.
I had a couple of super relaxing and empty days at home in Liverpool, and it was really nice to see my mama, stepdad and my nan, but my stay was cut short when an invite to the Motel Rocks bloggers evening floated into my inbox, and I couldnt pass up the opportunity to meet up with some great girls I met last bloggers event, and of course, the promise of a free item of clothing.

The rest of the days this week have been spent doing absolutely nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean seriously NOTHING. A combination of it getting dark so early, and a distinct lack of funds has put me and Sean at somewhat of a loss of what we can do with our time, so its resulted in becoming pretty much nocturnal, and terrorising the cat. Seeing as this has been my reading week, I have managed to squeeze in a small amount of work, but hey, priorities in check and all that. Sleep > Terrorising Cat > Work.

Tonight is filled with X Factor, Im A Celeb (for the sole reason that Dougie is in it, dream man since the first time I saw him), and homemade soup, nom nom nom. How amazing was Amelia Lily last night?! SO glad she's back, she was my favourite from her first audition and I thought Kelly made a massive mistake in getting rid of her. Hoping Janet goes tonight, in Sean's words, she sings like she's talking to a baby. 

Dont forget my giveaway! :)


  1. Yes! Dougie was always my fave, everyone else like Danny or Harry but I loved Dougie haha


  2. Awww Dougie is so cute!
    I know what you mean about trains they are so ridiculous! >.< I spent my reading week doing barely any work too hahaaa xx

  3. i get so lazy when it comes down to it! i need to sort it out

  4. So in agreement about trains! I would love to pop home so much but I just can't bear the money/hassle/stress of it all and as I dont get a reading week (boooo) it would all be for a couple of days! Sounds like you've had a lovely week :)

  5. haha LOVE THIS!! The only reason I'm watching "I'm a celeb" is because of Dougie too haha!!
    your gorgeous and have amazzzing huuur!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. beautiful blouse, you look lovely! cannot waaaait for i'm a celeb!


  7. Sounds like a lovely week - trains seriously are ridiculous though aren't they. Loling at your cat not being silenced with a salmon sarnie, mine can't even cope with a 5 minute car journey!x

  8. Such a cute photo!
    Ha I love that your cat wasn't interested in an M&S sandwich.. seriously doesn't she know that M&S are UP there with the good shops!
    Your weekend actually sounds so perfect, I love doing NOTHING! I got up yesterday at 5pm. Ha! Love it.
    Enjoy I'm a celeb.x

  9. Dougie is my absolute favourite! haha, i aggree with the comment about Janet singing like she's talking to a baby. love your blog by the way, your layout is gorgeous - following! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  10. Beautiful photo! So true about Janet haha she's quite annoying, I only liked her first audition. So happy for Amelia Lily! x