Sunday, 6 November 2011

sunday girl

Had to use this photo this week, literally cannot look at it without laughing my head off! The magic of Photobooth effects, endless lulz.

I can finally relax this evening after a madly stressful day, involving checking my uni mail around 4oclock and facing the sickening realisation I had an essay due in for midnight tonight! Dun dun dunnnn kind of a sickening surprise! But I knuckled down and eventually hit the word count after a lot of 'OHHH MY GODDD I HATTEEE MY LIFEEEEEEE' comments.

I had the most amazing bonfire night yesterday and I hope you all did too! Sean and I bought a mega box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to share with his housemates, and after we'd all got wrapped up in a billion wooly layers, grabbed some beers and headed to one of the highest points in South London to watch the fireworks explode over the whole city. It was absolutely amazing and one of those moments that I think will stay with me for ages. Seeing numerous firework displays all exploding at once next to the Shard and the London Eye and all the other monuments was just beautiful, and it was so nice to share it with Sean. 

After our toes had gone numb we all headed back to get cosy and watch the X Factor. As I never shut up about it, Im sure loads of you know, I have a mild obsession with all forms of horrendous reality TV, and tonight's been no exception. I seem to have got all of Sean's housemates seriously involved too, so we all got really into the results show! Kind of surprised that The Risk got kicked off but lets face it, they were never gonna win! Ive got my money on Little Mix or Marcus (reppin the scouse!) at the moment, I really think they're the only good acts this year!

Time for TOWIE now! However much I love it, and will no doubt keep watching it, I'm kind of over Essex at the moment. It seems to be the same storylines over and over, anyone else feeling the same? Made In Chelsea is soo much better! And suuuuuper excited for the start of Desperate Scousewives!

Finally, absolutely over the moon with the response to my giveaway which launched yesterday! I know my phonecases arent everybodys cup of tea but they're just a bit of fun! Keep entering and helping me out with spreading the word, I appreciate it so much, and cant wait to announce a winner in a week or two :)

Four favourites this week! Mary, Shabna, Emily and Lydia + Daisy


  1. Firstly, the pic freaked me out at first haha I was like wtf..
    and TOWIE is the are krispy kreme doughnuts haha!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. ugh I'm the same with Towie, I'm much prefering Made in Chelsea but I always sort of have! Althoughg Caggie is a bit of a berk.


  3. awh, that picture is hilarious! haha, i'm all for Little Mix now that The Risk has gone :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. This picture is literally INCREDIBLE!
    It definitely made me laugh SO much! Your cat just doesn't even care!
    Sounds like a perfect weekend, definitely behind you with Marcus! Whooooooooop.x