Sunday, 20 November 2011

sunday girl (feat. #ldnxmasbloggermeet !)

It's been a hectic week to say the least, filled with absolutely crazy amounts of uni work, lots of interest in my blog from exciting people, and winning tickets to the Handpicked Media Gets Social tomorrow which I am extremely excited for! I'm going with Annabel, meeting up with Jemma who I met yesterday, and hopefully Charlotte too! Cant wait to have a bit of a natter, take full advantage of the free breakfast (!!!) and hopefully learn lots from all the guest speakers. I'm wearing the same thing as I wore yesterday (mega tramp) so I will post an OOTD up tomorrow, dont judge, I have a student budget to work with!

Yesterday I had a great time at the London Christmas Bloggers Meet Up, organised by the beautiful Law and Emma. It was held in a gorgeous pub just off Regents Street which I'm definitely going to take my housemates too as it was so nicely decorated and had a lovely festive feel. It was a great afternoon filled with gossiping with Annabel and Mary, aswell as some talks from really interesting girls. First was Sarah from Lush, who talked us through the new Christmas range and gave us the chance to smell and sample all the new bits (its delicious!). Second was Maggie Angus Jewellery, and third, Wired Jewellery who showed some of their beautiful ranges and explained the best ways to start your own mini businesses, which I found particularly interesting due to my phonecases.

Unfortunately I am a massive doofus and took my camera but not my memory card so couldnt take any photos, but when Annabel has uploaded hers I will steal them all and update this!

The cherry on top of a great day was the amazing goody bags filled with Lush, Maggie Angus, Wired Jewellery and some makeup bits from Very, which we got to take home!
Leaf bracelet - Bang On Vintage
Chalkboard Ring - Wired Jewellery
Mechanics Ring - Wired Jewellery
Wolf Ring - Maggie Angus

I'll do a specific Lush post once I've tested them all out. I'm particularly excited to use all of these as I've never used anything from Lush before as I've always been a bit intimidated by the shops as the smells are so overwhelming! But Sarah's talk yesterday has really inspired me to give it a go!

Finally, my giveaway finishes at midnight tonight! Dont miss your chance to win a handmade customised phonecase to your design :)

Dont forget my giveaway! :)


  1. Beeeautiful photo Lucy, glad you had a good time at the meet up! My flatmate loves Lush and I've always wanted to try - but there's so much variety I think I'd end up buying the whole shop ha x

  2. That photo of you is lovely, I love the lip colour and the hat :) That chalk board ring is amazing, so clever :) Lush smells so good, I have a soap that just sits in a jar and it makes my room smell so delicious :)

  3. That leaf bracelet is lovely! :) mine has orange beads on. All the sponsors were so generous, can't wait to try out all the lush goodies!

  4. Cannot believe I missed the London meet in favour of Uni work! It sounds like a lovely day, the chalkboard ring is, quite literally, the best thing ever (: Wish I was going to HPM too, would've been perfect for my dissertation, but hey ho! xx

  5. the chalkboard ring is so cute. I've always wanted to try lush pruducts all of them smell so amizing i never lnow what to buy!

  6. Looks like you got some fantastic bit over the weekend. I love Lush, their products always smell lovely and work well on my skin

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. sounds like a great time, beautiful your lipstick!

  8. you look lovely- I'm exactly the same with Lush, it smells so strong! aha, your review may change my mind though, aha x

  9. awww hope you lot have an amazing time at HPM ! Congrats for winning tickets, look forward to reading all about it. Thank you so much for coming to the meet and I'm so glad you had fun and that your taking your housemate to The Warick it really is a lush place. I still can't believe your a first timer to Lush product !!! Mad, you will be hooked, yeah our support was amazing for the event from Anne and faye. Plus the lovely sets from Very :) anyway lovely to meet you and look forward to seeing your posts xxxxx

  10. Lucy you look an absolute babe! ASIF you forgot your camera you silly banana, but as long as you had a good time thats awesome :-) I'm so gutted I didn't go! Cannot wait to see your post on it x

  11. Love this Lucy! So happy I met you! x