Thursday, 24 November 2011

Product Review - November Glossybox

Usually I wait with complete anticipation to receive my Glossybox every month, and as soon as the spoilers start to leak across the blogger-sphere, I'm straight in there sneakily finding out what I've got in store coming through the post. However after spying a couple early on last week, I was immediately disappointed with the content of most boxes, hand cream, foot cream, perfume samples, legit the most boring products ever, and so I wasn't particularly looking forward to opening mine when I saw it sat on my bed.
BUT (!) as i undid the ribbon and peeled off the sticker, I did a little squeal as I realised I'd got a much better haul than I was anticipating! Boxes vary in regards to the answers you give to a little preference quiz when you subscribe to the scheme.

1) I'll start by discarding the ones I'm totally uninterested in. The bath salts are not what I would call high-end by any means, I've actually seen Dead Sea Spa Magik being sold in a pound shop in Liverpool before, so I feel they are a bit of a poor excuse for an addition to this box. Also I like, never have a bath! Mainly cause my student house bath is pretty grim haha! I would have much prefered one of the facial products some bloggers received.
2) The perfume samples are, lets face it, everyones least favourite part of the Glossybox each month. This months for me are infact 5 samples of the same brand, Etro, which is quite nice as you get a fuller feel for the unfamiliar brand, but with samples, I tend to just have an initial smell, put them in a draw and forget about them as soon as I go back to my usual scent.

3) The other three products are much more positive for me. Firstly the nail wraps, from Nail Rock, despite not being high-end either, are something I will definitely use, either as a full set or one or two every so often as accent nails. I quite like the black and white striped pattern that I received as opposed to some of the ones I've seen that other people received.
4) The handcream, as boring as it is initially, is a good idea to include in a mid-winter edition of Glossybox, and smells really sweet and lovely, in kiwi flavour. I have an absolutely foul habit of biting the skin around my nails to absolute shreds so maybe this will help me finally (after 15 years) kick the habit and soften them.
5) My favourite product of the lot is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as I've wanted to try it for ages but its too expensive to justify on a student budget. Its quite an intense treatment and you have to leave it on for around 20 minutes, but I'm really excited to use it as hair products are one of my favourite things to experiment with, as my hair is quite damaged at the ends.

I kinda feel this box was quite good for my personal usage, but I know a lot of people werent so pleased. I think that the usual makeup product, like the eyeliners and nail polishes we've seen previously, was sorely missed this month. I think I may unsubcribe after next months box and try one of the other beauty box brands instead, but Im excited for the possibility of a christmas box, surely it has to be a good'un?!


  1. Great post! I think that's a good idea to wait until the x-mas box, I'm sure it'll be a good one. I'm tempted to sign up just for that month x

  2. I totally agree on the perfume samples, i don't think they're worth being in the boxes at all. Although, I do love the nail wraps! :) xo

  3. I un-subbed last month, but would have loved to recieve the nail foils, I really want to try some out but I'll get some for cheaper than what I would pay for the Glossybox :) Lovely post!

  4. like the nail wraps, already saw these on, looked awesome :)

    the philip kingsley elasticizer sounds great, nice box this month!

  5. Aww you got very good products I think I'd of been happier with your box than my own. I'm also getting the next box then unsubscribing xx