Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Product Review - Lush Christmas 2011 Range

Lush is a company that has always hugely intrigued me with its fresh handmade products and cute presentation, but every time I walk past a store, I feel completely overwhelmed by all the amazing smells coming from inside, and on the odd occasion where I pluck up the courage to actually enter, I end up making a quick exit because I'm overwhelmed with where to start! I have always known though that every year, their Christmas ranges are ALWAYS something special, and the Lush Christmas range 2011 would of course be no exception.

So when I attended the London Xmas Blogger Meet and had a talk from Sarah Jane the Lush PR guru, and received a goodie bag full of their Christmas range, I was absolutely over the moon to be given a spring board into where to start with their products.

The most substantial item we received was the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb*, a HUGE, slightly clunky, but amazingly glittery addition to bathtime, coated in sparkly golden glitter and shaped like a present with a cute bow on top. I am completely amazed by the mystery inside, which you can hear rattling around as you shake it, and cant wait to see whats inside when I use it. It has a very Lush-esque smell, quite strong but comforting in its champagne-y fragrance. I am definitely going to save it for a special occasion as it seems so luxe.

Superstar Bubble Bar* is slightly less fiddly and seems much younger and fun! It smells deliciously of strawberries, yet still clean and like something I would like to soak in, rather than eat which is what a lot of companies go for, which brings something a little different. There seems to be something a little deeper and wintery to its scent which is quite nice. Plus it looks exactly like something that should be hanging from the Christmas tree! Festive alert!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel* is totally for the girly girl in all of us, and I absolutely love it. It smells like MAGIC! Candy floss, pear drops, kisses, cuddles, anything delicious you can think of! It's beautifully pink and enough to brighten up the horrendous shower first thing in the mornings through winter, and the iridescent glitter finish is subtle and beautiful.

Exfoliating the lips is something thats neglected by a lot of people, and I must admit that I too thought it was a completely ridiculous and unnecessary idea, but since starting to do it a while ago, I've totally realised why it must be done, and Pow Wow* can do just the job. The best thing about it is that it contains popping candy (AMAZING), and literally tastes good enough to eat. The grains of sugar are enough to gently scrub away the top layer of rough, chapped or dead skin across the lips that develops in winter weather and leaves the lips completely smooth and ready for perfect lipstick application. Just in time for the mistletoe to be put up...

Finally, as a little bonus, we received two of the lip tints from the Lush collection. My favourite of the two is 'Celebrate'*, a slightly sheer pale pink tint, topped with champagne popping candy and containing almond oil to add moisture aswell as subtle colour, very pretty and winter-fairy-esque. The other is 'Chilli Tingle'* which seemed a little scary at first, but comes out as a very flattering orangey-red hue on the lips.

These products have really won me over, and a few days ago I won the Lush Home for Christmas box full of goodies so I cant wait to try those either! What Lush products are your favourite that you would recommend? I really want to try Angels on Bare Skin cleanser!


  1. I've always loved Lush Christmas range, but I have to admit they have outdone themselves this year! Especially with the bath products. You should have a look at my bathroom at home... But even my mum's filled with their holiday collection! CRAZY!

    I wish I could have made it to this blogger meet up. Next time! : )


  2. I really want the Pow wow lip scrub, it sounds so good and i love their Bubblegum one!

    I'm not a big fan of the lip tints though, i tried one last year and found it really difficult to get any colour from it :/


  3. I only bought my first lush products this summer really, because like you I felt so overwhelmed with choice. This post has given me such a good idea where to go next, definitely getting a lip scrub...can't say no to popping candy!!


  4. I love lush products! I love their new Christmassy range too! xx


  5. I think Pow Wow is exactly what I need; my lips have become so dry even my Carmex is having little effect! And I love the bright green colour, my favourite! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  6. I love Lush! I've already asked my boyfriend for a huge bottle of Snow Fairy, sounds like it smells amazing!


  7. so jealous you got all of this for free. will definitely be buying a few more of the christmas range products