Wednesday, 23 November 2011

OOTD: nothing gold can stay

Bowie tee - Pull & Bear
Sheer over jersey maxi skirt - New Look
Bowler hat - Marks and Spencer
Chelsea boots - River Island
Studded clutch - Stradivarius
Lipstick - Dark Side by MAC

I have absolutely worn this outfit to death this week. When I finalised plans to go to the London meet and HPM social this week I was faced with the horrendous prospect of having absolutely nothing to wear, despite the wardrobe of clothes screaming out at me in my room. After spotting this skirt online and hot footing it into town, I breathed a sigh of relief as I bought the last one of these skirts on the 'last chance to buy' rail of hell. It hasn't shown up on photos but its a sheer material over a jersey mini skirt, which I thought was unusual and a bit edgy. It was a size 16 but I used my handy skills and sewed it up quite neatly to fit me really well at around a 10, (and then I covered up some messy hems with the baggy tshirt - top tip for tramps like me).

Ive never worn a maxi skirt before, and not really sure I'd get another one, but there's something about the sheer material over the jersey skirt that I really like, and I find quite flattering. Plus it means that you can get away with not shaving your legs, result! I think this is quickly becoming a total favourite and go-to item of clothing for me, as its really easy to dress both up and down. Brightened up the monotone too with some neon pink polish with accent ying-yang nails, which you'll see in my next outfit post! 

Had a super nice evening with Sean last night, I havent seen him for a week or so because he went home to see his poorly cat, so we celebrated with treating ourselves to a Dominos, nom nom nom. Bit naughty when we're on a student budget but Tuesdays are always slightly more acceptable cause they have some really good pizza offers on!


  1. I don't have a maxi skirt...only 2 maxi dresses (tho I always said "NEVER A MAXI DRESS!" blah blah.). LOL @ " Plus it means that you can get away with not shaving your legs." :D
    I really like the lipstick. Looks great on you.


  2. Love the bag. You look gorgeous, such a nice outfit.

  3. Excellent handy skills! I love this outfit. That dominos looks amaaaaaaazing *drools* but I promised myself never again after last time when our pizzas were dripping with grease...not to make you feel bad or anything! x

  4. This pizza makes me want one now!
    I really like your skirt Juicy Lucy! I've never been sure of maxi skirts, then bought my first one a few months back and love it (although i struggle how to wear it in the winter!)
    I do adore how you've teamed it with a casual tee, this look works so well. And your hat is amazing! You absolute babe x

  5. That pizza looks too good! I absolutley adore this lipstick, it suits you so well :) And I love these hats, need to get the guts to wear one out :)

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  8. Loving this outfit! Your clutch is incred, and the lipstick is stunning...Lovely way of bringing the maxi skirt into winter xx

  9. everything about this is so so perfect! Bowie tee, black maxi, studded clutch and bowler! So good, and craving dominos!

  10. Gorgeous outfit! Dominos definitely has the best deals on Tuesday - totally understandable that you'd splash out :) x

  11. amazing outfit but i want to see your shoes!!!! the dominos pizza looks so good im jelious.

  12. love the lipsticks! looks beautifl with your skin tone! and the bowie top is perfection!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  13. love this outfit now need to order dominos pizza!