Tuesday, 15 November 2011

OOTD: girlfriend in a coma

Tweed Coat - Topshop

I knew I wanted a skirted coat featuring some sort of fur, but I waited and waited before making the final decision on my coat for this year. I think its such an important choice as a coat is such a key piece to invest in, particularly if you're facing a British winter. For a while I had my heart set on the Urban Outfitters Princess Coat, but with the price tag being obscene, and it selling out across the majority of London, it seemed like fate when I stumbled across this beauty on the Topshop website.
I was heartbroken when it disappeared from the site soon after, and didnt return at any point soon after, so after some help from Sarah, I headed to Topshop Liverpool to beg them to search the warehouse for it. Enlisting the help of a guy I used to work with, I got my little mitts on it!

It's absolutely perfect for me, and makes me feel like some sort of posh Victorian. The belt cinches in the waist and really emphasises the skirted shape of the bottom, which is really luxurious with reams of fabric in its pleats, and it spins so nicely (see evidence above). This might sound a bit odd but the three-quarter length sleeves are also great for me as I use the tube a lot, they allow for a bit more ventilation than normal sleeves! Saves me being a sweaty betty. 
The tweed gives it a real Luxe-British feel, an the fur collar is beautifully soft and fits in with my current obsession with faux fur. I think the fact it ties with a ribbon is a really cute finishing touch.

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  1. ooohhh, that's a pretty coat!!!
    I love skirted coats! You made a great choice!!


  2. Its so pretty, it looks great on you too! I love the ribbon on it, such a nice little bit of detail.


  3. That coat is so pretty! You look lovely in it xx

  4. love this coat! and the dress under is is perfect for the pop of colour! amazing outfit girl!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous coat - the skirt fit is lovely and the fur collar finishes is beautifully :) x

  6. definitely worth all the effort :) looks loovely x

  7. Its a gorgeous coat, well worth getting someone to search for it, I'm in love with the little ribbon aswell - so cute


  8. This coat is gorgeous, I love the fur collar :) xx

  9. gorgeous coat, topshop have such lovely outerwear at the minute! Must dig out my skirted coat!


  10. ooh, i love the neck detail with the fur and ribbon :)

  11. That's such a beautiful coat! I really wanted the Princess coat too, or the Princess Pea one from ASOS (: Love the little bow as well! xx

  12. it is perfect! i love the little ribbon. think i prefer it to the princess coat actually x

  13. Your coat is gorgeous! I love it's little bow and faux fur collar.

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  14. Oh Lucy, what a gorgeous coat. And I think the 3rd picture, of half your face and the bow is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so beautiful it really does!
    What a beaut of a coat.x

  15. You look so lovely in that coat, really liking the red lipstick on you too. Having to faff around to get something you really want always make you appreciate it more i think! x x

  16. I LOVE THIS!
    I'm sorry but I copied your coat...I'd seen it on toppers website a while back and then after seeing you wear it to the Motel event I felt compelled to buy it when I saw it today as it's such a beauty! Hope you don't mind.
    How're you? We should meet up for drinks or something? (promise I won't wear the coat haha) xx

  17. All sold in Malaysia while i decide to buy... :(