Wednesday, 16 November 2011

inspiration #5

potentially the most bad ass shoes i've ever seen
so so cute! sweet tooth heaven
i cant even fathom how long these take to paint but they are so dainty and pretty
loving cute retro illustrations
topshop makeup packaging is so nice before it gets dirty from living in a makeup bag!
a classic disney moment, love Thomas O'Malley
Christmassy London
a little random but I love homemade things, this is such a cute little miniature
shameless fangirling, im not even bothered, loved him for eight years aha!


  1. Those studded litas are amazing!
    Also I've just seen you have that amazing Topshop coat I was dribbling over in TS the other day! *sigh*

  2. nice inspiration! love the london in winter pic:)

  3. Love the wintery London pic- I will definitely be hitting London in January for the sales :) x

  4. OMMMMFGGGGGG! Litaaaaa Shoeees?!
    Hahahaha nice blog ;)

  5. Brilliant inspiration photos, really unique choices! Those nails, they're incredible!

  6. Oh god, those Litas!

    Genuinely are THE most badass shoes I've ever seen. Incredible.

    Fashion Stereotype