Sunday, 30 October 2011

sunday (spooky) girl

Greetings from a nest of duvet covers, a bacon sandwich and a pile of paracetamol. So last night I went out into Shoreditch with this on my face, all in the name of Halloween. What do you think? It took quite a long time because I found it difficult to blend the eyeshadows with the facepaint, and to get the facepaint to look smooth enough, but in the end I was quite proud of my efforts. It was supposed to be a kind of psycho dead ragdoll, hence the plaits, but in the end it ended up kind of Tim Burton-esque. I wore it with a black peter pan collar top, a black paperbag skirt and black and white stripey knee socks. Despite this however I was still completely upstaged by my housemates quite frankly AMAZING efforts. Respect guys...
The looks on the shopworkers faces were PRICELESS.
After we'd had enough of people going OMG DINOSAURS!!!!! we headed to the bus stop to go home, but in the process got very very very lost and ended up walking round the back end of East London (crazies and drug lords a-go-go) for two hours before finally giving up and getting a cab home. 

Popped to Camden with Sean yesterday which was nice as I hadnt been there since I've been back in London. Apart from the insane crowds and annoying tourists absolutely swarming everywhere, it's such a good atmosphere and filled with so many amazing little gems. The only thing I bought was some of my favourite sweets ever from a really cute sweetshop, and Sean bought Nerds! Blast from the past. I could have spent a fortune on bits and bobs, like incense and piggy banks and mini blackboards, but my bank balance and sensible boyfriend said otherwise. I'm so skint at the moment it's genuinely upsetting, maybe I should sell some body parts?

Finally, big big thank you to everyone that's linked to my blog this week :) My traffic has been great and I've been so excited! Really appreciate it :)


  1. haha omg the dinosaurs!! just amazing! and I love the spooky make-up, its hard to look pretty with make-up like that but you manage very well!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. love the make up! reminds me of Littlemix on Xfactor last night :)


  3. Oh, I love the make-up! It looks so cool!! I wish I was able to do that too.


  4. The dinosaurs made me giggle :') you make up is amazing though! You look really fab, sounds like you had a good weekend :) and oh my god, Nerds <3 used to love those sweets!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  5. Your make-up looks amazing! And lols, the dinosaur outfits have made my life, such creativity :P Well done with all the views too, I looove your blog Lucy. xx

  6. love this!

  7. You look incredible. I wish I could do makeup like you can.

    Hahaha that dinosaur picture was amazing :) Made me laugh out loud.

    Sarah Betty xx

  8. ah your makeup looks amazing! im terrible at anything like this, i tried to do a smokey eye for halloween and i just looked like id been punched alot i think thats probably the idea!
    Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

  9. AHH you surprised me w your makeup but u did such an amazing job!!! :D

  10. LOVE your makeup - you did such an amazing job!

  11. You've done such an amazing job with your makeup! I agree, face paint is so difficult to blend (this is coming from a seasoned fancy-dresser!) but yours looks fab!

    The dinosaur costumes are absolutely ridiculous!

    Sounds like you had an eventful night! x