Sunday, 9 October 2011

sunday girl

Had a super nice afternoon yesterday with Sean, we popped to Oxford Street to get a few bits and pieces and had a super chilled wander round the shops in the dark, I felt Christmassy for the first time this year! Taking advantage of the double student discount at Toppers, I picked up a couple of things which I'd been after which I'll blog about at some point this week, including a pair of new winter boots which were just what I wanted so I'm made up :) Afterwards he cooked me tea and we watched the X Factor, such a nice night in. Two of my housemates went out into Shoreditch though, which we debated going to but then got too full of food... turns out we definitely should have gone though because they ended up tagging onto a party of rich people who then took them to a house party in Chelsea! Amazing!
Currently battling with my conscience, which is screaming at me to start tackling the literal MOUNTAIN of reading on the floor next to me that I have to do for this week, but my attention span is seriously failing me today. You know when you start a task, do a couple of minutes, then decide to try something else instead? But then do that about twenty times over?! Yeahhhh that. I just want to watch X Factor, TOWIE and curl up with my cat, wahhh, so much more appealing! My major news this week is that I've dropped a dress size! I know its kind of a 'blogger etiquette' to not really talk about sizes and weight-loss and causes so much dramaz, but for me that's a real personal achievement as my weight is quite a big issue to me. I'm super happy :) and on that wonderful note, I think I'll finish.

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  1. when i saw this post on my dash i thought the picture was lauren conrad! You look lovely x