Sunday, 2 October 2011

sunday girl #4

So I'm back in London, settled into my lovely new house with my little puss cat, living the dream innit!

So far, so good. I've done a full week of my second year at university and Im pretty pleased with my modules for this semester; they aren't entirely what I expected when I chose them, and I have one seminar leader who is my actual nightmare (presentations every week / you guys do all the talking / what do you think about this text lucy? / kill me) but other than that I think I'll quite enjoy my studies! It takes me a while to settle in when I get back to uni after being at home for a while. My group of girls at home have been my best friends since the first day of Reception (16 years!) so when I find myself without them I find it quite hard, and tend to feel quite lost and lonely to begin with, does anyone else find that? I'm getting closer to my housemates here though so I'm sure I'll be fine soon!

Not loving this weird injection of summer into October, it's around the 30 degree mark here. I of course bought no summer clothes with me, and wearing jeans and leggings in this heat is so not cute. I'm a big fan of winter layering so I'd much rather it was cold and cosy. My house is super warm already too so I've just been sat in a pool of my own sweat while I do my reading, delish.

Looking forward to watching X Factor tonight! I'm not really sure who I'm backing at the moment, I think my favourite is the girl with the platinum hair who wears really quirky stuff and is like 16? She always looks amazing! I absolutely hate a couple of the guys, especially Frankie, who does that STUPID jerky body thing that makes it look like he needs a poo when he sings. I'd probably quite like him if he stood still! #rage

There's not much else going on in my life right now! So I guess I'll go back to my nineteenth century prose. Rock and r000o0ooolllllll!!!!111one



  1. I just found your blog, and it's so nice and interesting that now I am following you! :)
    We're having that 'summer injection' in October too here in Italy! Can't agree with you more, I love wintery layering!! :)
    good luck with your studies! what do you study by the way? :)

  2. I'm following you with bloglovin because I can't find the Readers box! as soon as I find it, I'll follow you xx

  3. glad the start of term has gone well. your cat is so sweet! im not a fan of frankie to be honest. but agree that amelia has amazing style! xx

  4. Ahhhh I hated that at uni! I chose some really interesting sounding modules which turned out to be not so interesting... and the 'stards wouldn't let me transfer to another class! Sad times! :'(

    Your kitty is too gorgeous! x x

  5. Such a cute kittennn! I'm not a fan of the weather either at the moment, it just feels wrong it being 30 odd in october haha. I heard its meant to snow towards the end of october though! :S Glad you're enjoying uni so far! :) xxx

  6. CUTE KITTEN!!!!!! I really like Amelia too, she reminds of Christina Aguilera a bit x