Monday, 3 October 2011

OOTD: scream at me

Blouse - American Apparel
Paperbag Skirt - New Look
Patent Brogues - Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - Vintage

Looking very black and white today! Think I might have subconciously been inspired by all the photocopied essays Ive been trudging through for uni today, yawn.

New skirt which I picked up in Westfield last week, which was a bargain at around £20. I've been after a really nice paper-bag style skirt for a while now so I couldnt resist this one when I saw it. It came with a cute chain belt aswell, which saves me the hassle of accessorising (which I am RUBBISH at!) Really glad I got it actually because its come in seriously handy in all this hot weather malarky, worn it every day since!
In my room it's really hard to get a decent photo, I have to balance my tiny rubbish camera on a stack of stuff to get it to a good height! I really wanted to show off my shoes but couldnt get them in properly. They're super-patent black brogues and are so quirky, I love them! They make me feel like I should be Frank Sinatra's best mate.

Just as a bit of a general enquiry, I'm really interested to know what people would like to see more of on my blog. I enjoy posting all sorts but just wondering whether people prefer the outfit posts, product reviews or more personal entries I make? 
I've had a couple of emails asking for a post of my hair and makeup routines, but not sure whether this would appeal to people in general. I'm a bit wary of doing them incase people think I'm being all 'DIS IS HOW U LUK LYK ME OK'.
Please let me know, it means a lot to me that anyone wants to follow me on here so I really want to make sure that what I post interests everyone!

I'm off to uni now for Aesthetic Prose now. My professor is an old hag with a warty face and silver hair down to her bum, but she loves her nineteenth century prose. Each to their own, cant say I'm that keen myself...



  1. Love your bowler hat !!
    I would be interested in hair or make up posts !

  2. Flat shoes?! Surely not! haha. Lovely outfit. I like reading personal entries and outfit posts on blogs the most, but to be fair if I like the person 'behind the blog' then I tend to enjoy everything they write about! It's more how you write then what it's about in my opinion; you're quite funny when you write so it makes it more fun to read. I don't know if that makes sense? I'm rambling! x

  3. Love this blog! Your funny and fashionable...what more could a blog reader need!
    Now Following <3

    Check mine out somtime -

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. love your skirt! :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  5. You look stunning, such a simple yet sophisticated outfit, the hats such a great touch!xx

  6. love this look!

  7. your outfit is so lovely, I love when you wrote 'they make me feel like I should be Frank Sinatra's best mate'. :)

    I'd really like to see more posts about yourself (it's really nice to know the person behind the blog!) or make up/hair posts!


  8. loveloveloveLOVE this look, really gorgeous!!