Monday, 17 October 2011

Product Review: October Glossybox

After a tiring and sweaty-underground-filled dreary Monday, my day was made much brighter when I got back home to find the October Glossybox sat looking pretty on my pillow. I've been particularly excited for this months edition of the popular beauty box as its their sixth month anniversary and they had been promising it was a particularly exciting selection to celebrate. 
(For anyone who has been living under a rock, Glossybox is a company that charge just under £13 a month including postage, and send their subscribers a box of the most exciting and hyped up and coming beauty products of the moment.)

As ever, the packaging was beautiful, girly, and impossible to throw away! I've got my boxes stacked up one on top of the other next to my dressing table and I'm trying to decide what to keep inside them, probably spare makeup and nail varnish. What does everyone use theirs for?

In regards to this months content I was a little disappointed on initial opening, however as I delved deeper inside this quickly changed! 
1) Inside the cute pink pouch was three varied perfume samples from Robert Piguet. I really like two out of the trio, but one of them is really not my thing! I kind of think the monthly perfume samples are a bit of a lame excuse for a product to be in the Glossybox, but they are nice to try none the less.
2) Inside the Dermalogica cosmetics bag (an extra bonus!) was three different products. I was really excited to see these, as it's a brand I've been dying to try out after reading numerous rave reviews, but wasnt really sure where to start in their range. Glossybox has Age Smart Thermafoliant, Masque and Lip Treatment. I cant wait to try all three of these.
3) Next was a Stila creamy waterproof eyeliner pencil in shade 'Moray'. It's not something I would initially pick up if I saw it in store, but I am absolutely in love with it! It's a gorgeous olive green shade with gold shimmer incorporated, and looks particularly stunning when used all over the eyelid as a shadow rather than a single line. Also, after doing that swatch on my arm in the photo (which is pretty accurate in colour) I tried my best to rub it off and it absolutely will not budge which is always a bonus!
4) Finally was the Leighton Denny nail polish in 'Sex Kitten', a metallic ice blue shade. I'm not particularly a huge fan of metallic polishes and was a little disappointed with my shade when I saw others had received a baby pink and an orangey colour. However when I applied, which took three coats to achieve a nice full cover, I was pleasantly surprised as I found it to be the perfect icy pale blue for winter.

Now that the initial excitement of tearing it open is over though, I cant wait for the November box! I always have such anticipation for it when Glossybox tweet that they have been sent out!

I'm sure there will be a million of these posts sooner or later but I thought I'd put my two cents in! To sign up to Glossybox, head over to their website



  1. oooh someone else that got the blue nail polish! everyone else seems to have got the pink one!

  2. I got the same box as you did (: Love my Stila eyeliner already, can't wait for a night out so I can try it all over the lid. So excited to try the Dermalogica products too, I tried some of one of their products on a whim at a counter, but the scary SA completely put me off staying around to see more! xx

  3. the sweaters are so cute
    I would def wear one