Monday, 24 October 2011

Product Review - Maybelline Colossal Volum' Cat Eyes Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Cat Eyes Mascara in Feline Black - RRP £7.99 *

Whenever I need a new mascara and am unsure which one to opt for, Maybelline is generally my go-to brand as, from the wide selection of mascaras that I've tried, they always seem the most reliably 'well rounded', rather than focusing on one element of lash defining, such as volume or length.
The packaging of their range of mascaras tends to have the same thin product shape and so is easy to spot on the make-up shelves, but this one has the cute retro twist of the orange leopard print on the lid, I think it's a really lovely looking product to have in your makeup bag! This particular mascara really appealed to me as soon as I saw the advert as I love the idea of 'feline' eyes, which I often try to create with my eyeliner. (Maybe thats the crazy cat lady in me talking...)

On first use I was a little taken a-back by the 'claw' brush shape, as it's fairly thin and very curved, the complete opposite of what I look for in a mascara brush, as fat as possible!. The shape is obviously the selling point of the mascara, which claims to accentuate the outer lashes more than usual to give a 'feline' look.
After applying the product I was pleasantly surprised with its effects. It lengthens well, volumises, and my personal favourite thing is the rich black colour, something I always look for in a mascara. I'm not particularly sure whether it lengthens the outer lashes as much as it claims to, but overall I was pleased! I wasnt a big fan of its effect on my bottom lashes, as they became a little spidery, but the top seemed thick and quite dramatic.
After a full day at university there was a little fall-out from it, but I have that terrible habit of picking my mascara off when I'm bored, so I never hold mascaras responsible for any smudging!

I have to say I wont be changing my regular mascara (Bourjois Volume Glamour) immediately, but I will definitely be using Cat Eyes as a second coat for that extra dramatic outer flick on nights out.
To help you create the night-time drama with this mascara, there's this really cool video by Masquerade Makeup to help you acheive it perfectly with amazing rich colours.




  1. I always see this mascara and want it...mainly for the packaging! but I can't wait to get it now!
    you look gorgeous!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. You look lovely!
    I love the packaging of this mascara and have been meaning to try it!

  3. I just noticed traffic directed from your blog, so thankyou for recommending me!:)
    I love your blog btw! As a fellow beauty junkie, I'll defiantly be following x

  4. I want that car soo bad, it's gorgeous and so is the backpack!