Monday, 31 October 2011

OOTD: labyrinth

Bowie Tshirt - Pull & Bear
Shorts - Forever 21

Just chilling and watching Loose Women before I go to uni for Aesthetic Prose in an hour or so. Last week of uni before a week off! WOooo00o0OO!!!
A pretty lazy outfit today but I kind of like it's simplicity and slobbish-ness. These shorts caught my eye as soon as I walked past them on the mannequin. I love the wine colour which seems to be popular in denim at the moment (I have a pair of skinnies in a similar tone), and the fraying on these gives them a little edge. I particularly like how you can see the pockets behind the rips! Grungerrrr.
The tee is kinda old now but a bit of Bowie never hurt nobaaaady.
If you look really closely you can also see my halloween nails! I did blood drips on a neutral base and I love them! Wish they were acceptable at all times but I think I'd get some odd looks...

Currently spending my life fretting over my terrible excuse for a hair. No particular shape, no particular colour, no particular ANYTHING, I HAAAATE ITTTT. I think number 1 on my Christmas list will be a trip to the salon to get it sorted out. I desperately want to go blonder as I think I suit a lighter colour more than a darker one, but I'm much more anxious about doing it myself than I was with the brown-from-a-box-dyes. I dont really like the type of blonde that's all one colour over the head and prefer it to have a multitonal look, which is incredibly hard to get right when you're DIYing. I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game.

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  1. Great tee and shorts! The wine/berry sort of colour is becoming my favourite for this year! I need my hair trimming also, it's been a few months now!

    Also your halloween make-up in the rpevious post is fantastic!

  2. love this so much! Labyrinth is my fave childhood film...apart from David Bowies crotch ruins the film slightly haha!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Lovelove those shorts. I'm seriously into the whole wine red colour atm! I like your hair dark, but something caramel/dark blonde with lighter blonde tones would look lovely on you I think! (:

  4. I loove the shorts, great colour and detailing, and well you can't go wrong with some Bowie can you? xxx