Saturday, 22 October 2011

OOTD: a gentleman tied to the oceanside

Scalloped edge blouse - New Look
Tweed jacket - Topshop
Faux fur - H&M
Leggings - Topshop

Aswell as this wearing this outfit, in these photos I'm also trialling my free sample of the Garnier BB cream in shade Light. I wasn't overly impressed when I was applying it as it felt more 'gloopy' than I was expecting it to be, but on these photos it's made my skin look like porcelain! (in a kind of creepy way actually...) I think I'll stick to my normal foundation routine, but it was nice to give it a go when it's been so hyped up recently.

This is my favourite outfit at the moment, it makes me feel like I belong in the West country, with a horse whip in my hand and a tobacco pipe in the other. I had a lot of compliments at uni about it which is nice. I spotted the fur stole in H&M last week and couldnt resist as I think they give such a cute touch to lots of different types of outfit. It's also surprisingly good to keep the warmth in, and very fluuuuffy! Teamed it with my chelsea boots for that final posh touch, paha.

Currently trying to drag myself away from Loose Women to go to Sean's. Anyone else have to psyche themselves up to get on the tube? Such an ordeal!


  1. You look lovely, I'm not a fan of Garnier BB cream because it's breaking me out. xx

  2. love the outfit especially the jacket!
    Jenna x

  3. I like how you've paired the stole with the blazer - nice touch! It's nice how an outfit can instantly cheer you up!

    I'm a serious blouse lover and that one you're wearing needs to be in my wardrobe!

  4. Seriously love your tweed jacket! It looks amazing with the faux fur :)

  5. Ahh you look gorgeous! I think i'll have to get this stole too if i see one in H&M, hope you don't mind! I wont wear it up London promise haha. Wicked blouse too :) Thanks for putting me on your follow Friday, means alot :D x x

  6. wow your blazer is uhhhhmazing! I was just saying on my post the other day how i'm trying to find one that matches my shorts! I love it.
    And your blouse is gorgeous, I love everything about your look! x

  7. Love the fur stole, it goes really well with the tweed!