Wednesday, 26 October 2011

inspiration #3

fishtail plaits are so cute, i can never get them quite right
what is it about bows that give them the ability to make ANYTHING prettier?!
really want to do a roadtrip to all my friends at unis across the country
cutest backpack, i have a real leather one that genuinely smells of cow, bleurgh!
perfect headboard, need to think of ideas for my room!
beautiful furniture, contrast of the old with the perfectly fresh and new
love leopard print accents
cutie puss #crazycatlady
if i could look like anyone... giiirl crush!
the end.


  1. I still can't work out fishtail braids, but I'm blaming that on the awkward length of my hair :P Really into cute little backpacks too atm, my sister has a distressed bleach/pink denim one with polka pockets at the front and it is the best thing ever hahaha. x

  2. Use youtube to help you with fishtail plaits, I did that and now I can do them on me and all my friends! Let me know if you want the link to the one I used.


  3. I love that braid! I used to practice doing them on my horse because they could not complain about how long i was taking! Soon worked them out!

    I love all of this inspiration! Especially the cat and snow! Roll on winter!

    xoxo Jess
    Sparks and Fireworks

  4. Love the plait, I tried about ten times last week as I wanted to do one for a wedding I was at, it was an epic fail!x

  5. Great inspiration. I love fishtail plaits, have only just started getting them right. Youtube tutorials help! :)

  6. all i want right now is to nap in that bed, omg! xx

  7. Great inspiration collage. That cat was adorable
    Ps, by the way you have some really stunning features and gorgeous hair, it makes me miss having long hair.
    Aesthetic Solar Falcon

  8. I also LOVE fishtail plaits, but can never work it out! I love the photo of the cat, absolutely adorable!x