Tuesday, 18 October 2011

inspiration #2

always used to want to be one of the mermaids in peter pan...
lovelovelove these adorable disney jumpers, especially the little mermaid one, would be so cute over a shirt with pretty collar tips
such a cute idea, t-shirt hacking at its finest
probably the most edible looking hair ever! reminds me of a my little pony
absolutely flawless! want to get more adventurous and skilled with eye makeup
cute! meow
absolutely loved katy perry on the x factor on sunday night, the pink hair was lovely (minus the icky roots, could have made an effort katy lad)
absolutely love this
the perfect summer outfit, i guess its a bit late now though! so retro and effortless

i know this idea of 'inspiration' posts is super random but they are really enjoyable to compile! i hope you enjoy these beautiful images as much as i have.


  1. Those Disney jumpers are seriously amazing, so cute! xx

  2. I loooove this post!!!! Ariel is fabulous haha!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Love inspiration posts! Loved the hair and the eye makeup :) xx

  4. Seriously love EVERYTHING about this post. The hacking away at tshirts idea would be fab for halloween, the disney jumpers are the cutest and I NEED to get my hands on one and the eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful.

    Glad I came across your blog
    Jenna x