Saturday, 17 September 2011

sunday girl #3

Ciao bellas!

 Looking out my bedroom window tonight all I can see is a single street light against the pitch black sky, so I think its fair to say that summer 2011 is officially on its last legs. And to be quite honest with you, Im not sure where its gone! Mergghh depressing. It seems like five minutes ago I was packing up my tiny university bedroom and somehow lugging it all back to Liverpool on a Virgin train, and now here I am, counting down the last 7 days until I'm back again! 

The past three months have been on one hand complete madness, and on the other totally drab! One day I'd be spending my time watching Jeremy Kyle re-runs, the next I was in beautiful Valencia taking part in the utter chaos that was La Tomatina! (photos coming soon!) Its been quite up and down, but on the whole Ive enjoyed it.

Im sorry Ive been absent this whole time, I'm actually quite ashamed! But as I logged in today I was also really pleased to see my follower count has still increased! Its really kind of you guys, and hello to you all, whether old or new followers :) Thanks for checking out Lucyboots!

A few things have changed. I have a new layout which I did a couple of days ago, and I'd like to say a big thank you to my best friend Emma who drew the little graphic of me at the top, its so cuuute! She's an absolutely amazing artist, and you should check out her DeviantArt here, particularly if you're as much of a Harry Potter nerd as me!

My biggest news is that my boyfriend Sean surprised me with a kitten at the beginning of the summer! It was one of the best moments ever, he handed me a box, I opened it and out she sprang! She's called Flo and I think I'm mildly obsessed with her... I will probably mention her incessantly for the rest of my blogging days!
 I think I'm slowly turning into this babe...

Thirdly, shock horror, I am now blonde! The ombre got boring (although still lingers slightly), and the dip dye has been banished as I was throughly sick of seeing it everywhere to be honest! The snaps of me at the top of this are from a night out just before I had it done! I dont really have any good pictures apart from a few holiday snaps, but Im planning on doing an outfit post tomorrow so you should see then :)

I really cant wait to get back into this blog. I have lots of ideas, and I hope to be able to be a lot more dedicated to improve it tenfold. I have loads of products I want to write about, a lot of new clothes to photograph as my style has developed quite a lot over the summer, and I also plan to make it a little more personal, as thats always my favourite part of other blogs. 

Anyway I hope everyones really well and had an amazing couple of summer months. Thanks for sticking with me (especially if you read the whole of this pointless post).

PS Im looking for some new blogs to follow as Im going to start reccommending my weekly faves on here :) So leave a comment and hit me up!



  1. I love your pocahontas-esque headgear :D also totally agree about the summer thing, I hate looking out the window and its already getting dark :( so depressing! although I do love winter :) love your blog! x

  2. Aw kittennnn! I got mine a year ago and I'm still obsessed with him


  3. glad to see your back, cant wait to see the blonde hair! Im a natural brunette but been blonde for 2 years now, dont think I could ever go back!

  4. I LOVE your head's so adorable. I love the feathers, did you make it yourself? And that is so cute that your boyfriend got you a kitten!! She's so cute!

  5. beautiful! Ha I remember when my cat was a kitten taking her out on a lead!

  6. Your hair is amaze! I do love ombre hair but everyone seems to have it now :S I normally get some natural blondeness from the sun in summer but seeing as we never actually had a summer, I've remained a dark blonde. Very tempted to get some highlights put in actually.

    Your kitten is the cutest bundle of fluff ever! Feel free to keep talking about her and sharing pics :) her lead set is so cute! x x

  7. Your cat is beyond cute, and I love the name! :) Can't wait for your new posts :) xxx

  8. Welcome back, your kitten is SO CUTE! x