Sunday, 18 September 2011

OOTD: natives

Sheer Blouse - New Look
Riding Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Litas by Jeffrey Campbell
Studded Clutch - Stradivarius
Childish Hair Braid (if you can spot it) - Crazy Gypsy on Valencia Beach

Excuse my moody mug!

Say hi to my new babies in the form of a pair of Litas. Im not normally a heels kinda girl as Im already quite tall but going on holiday to Spain with five other girls made me realise I should probably invest, as Ive lusted over them for some time.  I was very surprised, they are so comfortable and easy to walk in!

The riding pants have been sat in my wardrobe since last Christmas, and I bought them as an incentive for weightloss. Ive lost the podge that I wanted to budge and so now Im finally allowing myself to wear them! They're so comfortable, like really clingy pyjamas. The only problem is that when I wear them, my kitten seems to think theyre some kind of scratching post...

The clutch is a little gem I picked up in Valencia, it was like 15 euros or something crazy. European prices I lav ya.

Finally I just joined Lookbook and Chictopia (about time I guess). I have no idea what Im doing with either of them, but this is my LOOKBOOK page! and this is my CHICTOPIA page! If you could like me/hype me/love me/snuggle me, whatever it is you guys do, that'd be swell!

Im off to bury my head in some summer reading. Jane Austen and I know how to party.



  1. Wow you look amazing here! I wish I could pull looks of like this :) x

  2. I love the shoes!

    please follow meee and comment!

  3. You are so blimmin' gorge Lucy. Wish I could pull off riding pants like those! I adore your little clutch bag too (:

  4. You look amazing! I wish I had a pair of Litas....

  5. Loved everything in this outfit. You look amazing <3.

  6. Love that clutch, have added it to my bag research page on pinterest, hope you dont mind! You can see it here:

    Rianna xxx