Thursday, 22 September 2011

OOTD: meadowlark

Red lace dress - Topshop
Ankle socks - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Litas by Jeffrey Campbell
Dont know why my hair looks brown?! #badcamera

Found this dress lurking in the dark depths of my wardrobe yesterday when I was panic-dressing. I was invited out for lunch with Sean's elderly family, who are all very rich, very posh but very nice! I was instructed to wear a dress and had one in mind, a navy tea dress, but after not wearing it for about three years, I had the horrific realisation that it now wouldnt fit over my boobs! Absolute mare. So instead I opted for this red lace dress which I bought to wear on Christmas Day last year. In the end I teamed it with my leather aviator jacket and a brown leather bag. I had a really nice day (although any day that someone buys me lunch is a thumbs up from me), filled with good food, wandering around a quaint little village and feeding the ducks!

The other bit of good news from yesterday was that my student loan has showed its pretty face again, woopaaaa! As tempted as I am to blow it all on a new winter wardrobe, Ive realised it does need to last me until January, meaning three months of bills, London transport and Xmas presents! Im sure when Im ten minutes away from Oxford Street and five minutes away from the new Westfields (thanks for that Mr Westfields man), I wont be able to be so careful with my cash...
One thing I did treat myself to though was a Glossybox subscription. Yes I know Im about a million years behind everybody else, but Ive always been a bit sceptical of the concept, and assumed 90% of what they sent out would be pretty rubbish for the low price. However reviews of this months box swayed me, and I was really impressed by the products included for September, particularly the HD Brow Kit which Ive been lusting after for aaages! 

Finally, here's an unrelated picture of Flo in a beer box :)

PS. Spotted 15% Off at Urban Outfitters U.K! 
Enter code; AW11CAT at checkout. Code expires 2nd October 2011



  1. gorgeous outfit! love the dress and the litas paired with ankle socks!xo

  2. Pretty dress like how the shoe toughen it up :)

  3. Such a nice outfit! Love love love your sheos and they go so nicely with the red dress! Lolled at your cat in the beer box! Too cute! x

  4. You are so pretty *
    Nice outfit *

  5. I died a little inside at the picture of your cat! SO cute. I have a picture of my cat inside a tube of wrapping paper on Christmas day! I'll post it if you want :')

    xxx Kat