Wednesday, 28 September 2011

OOTD: galaxy defender

Blouse - New Look
Galaxy Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - Litas by Jeffrey Campbell

Sorry about all the blurry editing at the bottom of this photo! I was trying to erase all the crap on my floor!

Black Milk is kind of becoming a printed-clothing-revolution. Ive had these leggings for a while now but havent got round to photographing them, they're possibly one of the best items of clothing I've ever had in my grasp! I lusted after them for a very long time, because Black Milk is an Australian company I was always a little wary of the shipping (which, by the way, I did slay me, just a warning!), but I finally blew my summer savings on them and it was SO worth it!
It took me a while to decide which print to get, but finally made my mind up to get the purple as I thought they were the most striking without being TOO brash. They're extremely comfortable and never fail to get numerous compliments when I wear them out. 

Today I wore them to the new Westfield in Stratford where I met my best friend Alice who lives in Wrst London, and had three people ask where I got them, and the waitor in Nandos said he was in love with my legs, result!
I also have a couple of Black Milk leotards and a dress now, which I'll do a post on if people are interested :) I might wear the dress to my housemates birthday night in Shoreditch on Saturday.

I was really impressed with the new Westfield! It's beautiful but so huge! Like shopping in an airport or something. They have every shop I could think of, even a Forever 21 which I've never shopped at before, but I bought some cool stuff. I'm still undecided if I love it as much as the Shepherds Bush Westfield, I might have to stay true to the original...

Tomorrow I have a full day at uni which sucks, but tonight is full of TOWIE, prawn crackers and maybe a mojito, lovely and chilled

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  1. what an incredible outfit! love all of it! i have to get myself down to the new westfield soon xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. Those leggings are sensational!!! That is all. x

  3. I love those leggings, they're amazing. They go so well with JC's :)

  4. I love those leggings, they're amazing. They go so well with JC's :)

  5. TOWIE is amazing isn't it! :-)
    your leggings look more than amazing and suit you so well! and love your jc's too :-)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  6. I love these leggings so much, I'm always on Black Milk's website admiring them :) xx

  7. I loveeee this look, your Black Milk leggings are awesome and look great with the shirt and litas.
    Thanks for the lovely comment too, I just followed you on Bloglovin :)
    Hannah x

  8. Oh, they are gorgeous. But then I do love a bit of galaxy print! Sounds like you're in there with the Nandos waiter ;) lol

    Haven't been to the new Westfield yet... hopefully soon! x x

  9. :O those leggings are gorgeous! I'm checking out black milk now and they look amazing!
    Lovely outfit :)

  10. Hey, thanks for following! :) I'm following back because your blog looks great. I also looove cats too :)

    Oh my GOD, the only word to describe those leggings are FIERCE!! I want!

    xxx Kat

  11. amazing! really want a pair myself. Westfield was absolutely mental when I went, have to find a better time than a saturday haha. love the blog!