Wednesday, 1 June 2011

OOTD: montezuma to tripoli

 black leotard - topshop
denim floral print shorts - topshop
hair garland - primark

white rabbiiiiiiiiits! happy june everyone :)
this is the print on the shorts, its super cute!

I had the loveliest day yesterday. I popped to the post office with Beth and on the way we bumped into our other friends who were also off to the post office. In a spontaneous whirl we decided to walk to St Pauls and get an ice cream, which is a good hours walk, but the sun was shining and it was pretty damn glorious. Once we got there, we couldnt resist the signs all over Topshop declaring it was 20% off for students. I made good use of it and bought this leotard, some sunglasses and some gooorgeous pink shorts which I will take some photos of as soon as I am brave enough to wear them. While we were shopping in there we used the free personal shopper service which I totally reccommend. I imagine if you had a big night out or something that you wanted to look amazing for they'd be so helpful. Its the first time in ages I've genuinely enjoyed shopping without getting stressed.

Going to Hyde Park tomorrow to get a pedalo on the lake! Lovely jubbly



  1. The hair garland looks so pretty on you Lucy! I tried it on last week and looked ridiculous :-P I really like the cut of those shorts as well. Have a lovely time on the pedalos tomorrow! xx

  2. The shorts are so cute, I like the cut, makes them a bit different. Your hair is amazing!

  3. Cute outfit and I love the flower head band.

  4. i love how the pink in the headband goes with the pink in your hair, you look so pretty! lovely shorts, floral denim is such a great trend xx

  5. love your headband and your topshop shorts! you look gorgeous and very summery!


  6. Love your outfit :) really cute and summery !
    also love your blog, so am now following :)

    franky xx

  7. the shorts are so cute! i love the slits at the sides - makes them a bit different :) & the pink tips are great too xx

  8. Don't you just love spontaneous days! Love the outfit, and your hair looks great, it's so different :) xo

  9. Wow, I love those shorts! I wish I had the guts to dye my hair like you have, because I really like it! I love the way you blog, definitely following ;) x kaneesha (

  10. Eeee, this is a super cute outfit for the summer :) Perfect for a festival I thinks <3

  11. love the shorts!


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