Wednesday, 4 May 2011

may the fourth be with you

blouse: topshop
shorts: levi @ urban outfitters
weekend bag: marks and spencer

Happy Star Wars day guys! 

I've been solidly working, locked up in my uni room for four days now and havent stepped outside for three of them! I think I've forgotten what fresh air feels like. So today Oxford Street is calling my student loan, and I'm off to pick up a few rewards for all my hard work. One particular thing I'm after is a new pink blush from Mac. I typically use 'Peaches' so I think pink would be a nice summery change. Anyone got any reccommendations?

This is kind of a boring outfit, and I'm a little scared about it because I feel like I'm verging a little too close to double denim.... but I just wanted to show off my birthday present! It's a gorgeous baby pink leather stay-over bag from M&S of all places. I've been looking for a nice weekend bag big enough to fit all my crap in, but most are usually hideous black or khaki hold alls. So when I saw this one, I knew that it had to be mine. It can fit sooooo much stuff in! Amazing!

I'm also going to see Thor tonight. I dont really know anything about it to be honest, but I've heard the guy in it is pretty hot stuff, so that should keep me happy for a couple of hours. 

Ciao pussy cats xxxx


  1. Aah so much dedication to sit through all the work! Hope you had a lovely shopping trip, I saw Thor on Sunday night and really enjoyed it! xxxx

  2. My boyfriend wants to go see Thor, you'll have to let us know what it's like.
    Love the pink bag.

  3. Lovely and funny story, like it. Don't let those guys without punishment. Cool dressing.

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  4. Love your overnight bag babe - chic and stylish! xx

  5. Oh man, I'd love to have Oxford Street nearby to spend my loan on! Have a lovely shopping trip, oh and apparently Thor is pretty good! Haven't seen it myself but have been tempted to by lots of others :) x