Sunday, 3 April 2011

sunday girl #2

So I guess I have a massive apology to make, for my down right shameless effort to be a good blogger over the past week. Please forgive me! I've had such a hectic few days filled with deadlines and nights out and travelling. The biggest news is probably that I've completed my first year of uni, I cant believe how fast the time has gone, all I have left to do is two exams in mid-May, but exams shmexams! In my head its officially the summer!

So now that I'm back in the North West, my second biggest news is that a week on Friday my best friend is getting MARRIED next Friday! I still cant get over the fact that its actually happening, she's had such a whirlwind romance but Im super excited, it's going to be amazing. Last night I met up with two of my other best friends to talk about hen night plans for Saturday, and it sounds like its going to be amazing. However it does mean I need to find two amazing outfits in twelve days... one for the big night and one for the even bigger day. Stress much?! Has anyone seen any lovely wedding-suitable dresses anywhere recently? I've trawled the internet but had no luck!

Also as you can see in the photograph, I've decided to grow my fringe out for the summer. It's already really bugging me and I'm having to really fight the urge to just cut it back in already. I'm not even sure I suit not having half my face covered, but never mind.

Tonight I'm popping round to Sean's to watch the new Louis Theroux documentary. I'm the biggest fan of his series over the years, and I'm hoping this one lives up to his usual standard. I'm also looking after Gwimlyn for the weekend, our tortoise, as Sean's decorating his room. Right now he's burying himself under some sawdust (Gwimlyn, not Sean...), little weirdo.

I promise I'll get back to being a good blogger this week! Brownie's honour.

Lots of love xxxxx


  1. Your hair is looking just lovely Lucy (: My fringe grew out so quickly! I'm tempted to get it cut back in but more likely I won't! Hope the wedding and hen night go well, and have lots of fun sweet! xo

  2. I keep growing my fringe out then cutting it back in again. It's hard growing it out, not knowing how to style it.

  3. Ah, I have fringe nightmares too! I hate mine, but I know I'd hate my hair more without it! Such is life.. Yours looks lovely though :) x

  4. Your hair looks beautiful and I think this style really suits you! Have an amazing week darling! Xx

  5. You're so lucky that you've practically broken up from uni now. Jealous much?
    Love your hair by the way! x